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Anan La Italian BMT (lemmy.world)
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playboi rule (lemmy.eco.br)
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App di messaggistica, legami governativi e trasparenza. Il post di #Threema

Il parametro importante e oggettivo su cui si dovrebbe giudicare un servizio di messaggistica è il rapporto sulla trasparenza. Gli utenti dovrebbero essere informati su (a) il tipo di dati utente che un servizio è in grado di condividere con le autorità, (b) le circostanze in cui ciò avverrà e (c) la misura in cui tali trasferimenti di dati sono effettivamente avvenuti in passato



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Most of the functionality is present but many important bits are still being developed.

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This isn’t bitching so much as a curiosity. Here in Lemmy.ml, would it be considered abusive for an admin to actively participate in a discussion, then get upset and delete the same comments they themselves have been replying to?

I’d just like to clarify the administration posture of this instance. There are lots of accusations of unfairness here. I don’t know if that’s an individualistic thing or a matter of policy.

Mainly asking so I can more easily identify what discussions are not safe to participate in.


Very nuanced issue (lemmy.eco.br)
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Blinken crackdown on leaks, leaked to the press

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For many Star Wars faithful, bringing up the canned Boba Fett 1313 title instantly evokes some painful memories. The game, which was set to start the beloved bounty hunter from the original movie trilogy, was revealed over a decade ago but was canceled quite soon after its reveal, leaving fans of the franchise to wallow and think what if. Now, a new Starfield mod allows players to carry out their dreams of exploring space as the famed bounty hunter, along with his infamous pistol.

However, the best part about Starfield continues to be its hyper-dedicated modding community. Crozzbow uploaded a mod for Starfield, adding arguably the most beloved Star Wars character, Boba Fett, with his armor based on a canceled LucasArts and Disney collaboration.

There’s no doubt that Starfield has experienced one of the more rocky launches for Bethesda Game Studios. However fans have felt about the space game, debating its heavily debated story and RPG elements, Starfield’s public perception has been on the rise recently. The RPG got its biggest patch yet, improving performance and adding a few gameplay updates like planetary maps.

Boba Fett 1313 was initially revealed at E3 2013 when in-person gaming events were all the rage. A trailer for the game dropped, making die-hards of the franchise absolutely lose their minds that Boba Fett was finally getting his (at the time) first stand-alone project. Sadly, the game never saw the light of day and was canceled by the involved parties soon after. However, that hasn’t stopped Crozzbow from fulfilling their dream of roaming space as Boba.

Their mod, available here, adds Boba Fett’s 1313 armor, helmet, jetpack, side cape, long cape, and custom hat, and, of course, his famous blaster weapon can be obtained through the Crimson Fleet questline. The high-quality details of each piece of armor are genuinely incredible and clearly took a long time to polish up.

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I've seen the occasional nonimage post here and didn't know where else to ask this.

On another forum, a downvoter of things, with apparently support from other accounts, revealed that they are downvoting things 'because they have to do with ai'. I have heard from an admin that they have that same problem here.

But when I look it up and try to find a reference for who they are, the closest thing I come up with is Luddite, which refers to people who generally hate technology. I know antifa people are proudly antifa; same with anarchists. But what is this 'anti ai' type of person that seems to have started cropping up? I asked the person directly, but unknown whether they will respond with an accurate reference.

Reminds me of vehement transphobes specifically joining trans communities so they can downvote things; except instead of polar opposite of lgbtq, it is that equivalent except toward ai, creations of ai, and ai community. Encountered it just today and seeking a term to place on what is apparently 'the enemy' to this exact niche we are in.

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Hoi allemaal, hier ben ik weer.

Hoe gaat met het jullie allemaal? Met wat voor gevoel gaan jullie aan de week beginnen? Hoe hebben jullie vorige week afgesloten? Nog enige dingen die jullie kwijt willen?

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Almost a week after some of his officers violently cleared out a peaceful Palestine solidarity protest on the University of Alberta campus, Edmonton Police Chief Dale McPhee finally showed up Thursday to make his case at a police commission meeting.

But not before the doors were locked and the public was barred from the meeting because 100 or so still-peaceful protesters made the official participants nervous.

Notwithstanding the metal detectors and heavy security at Edmonton City Hall since a shooting in January, protesters were told they’d have to watch the proceedings online because, in the words of commission chair John McDougall, “we had our back to a very, very large crowd. Admittedly they were peaceful… but when you know you have angry people behind you and you can’t see what’s going on, that’s a bit of a challenge.”

Well, nobody likes criticism. I guess no one thought to suggest that if it made them that uncomfortable to have people staring at their backs and grumbling, they could always turn their chairs around. Really, people, you can’t make this stuff up.

For his part, McPhee can be heard on various news organizations’ broadcasts claiming that his officers “protect free speech and we protect the very essential right of free expression, when both police and protesters respect their rights and responsibilities.”

On Saturday, in the chief’s opinion, those protesters’ responsibilities, apparently, included not camping on the campus of a public university even though there’s plenty of legal opinion that in fact they had every right to do just that.

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Use this thread for general daily football discussion.

This thread can also be used to discuss Transfer rumours and to post Tier 4 sources.

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The International Criminal Court prosecutor said Monday that he has requested arrest warrants for the leaders of Hamas and for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel.

In a statement, the prosecutor, Karim Khan, said he would seek warrants for Yahya Sinwar, Muhammad Deif and Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas. He also said he was requesting warrants for Mr. Netanyahu and for Israel’s defense minister, Yoav Gallant.


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The Venn-d diagram where resolution effort and a bit of salmonella overlap?

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