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Nostalgia is a real thing.

His rating is lower than public memory of how his predecessor, Donald Trump, performed when he occupied the White House.

Presidents always have higher ratings after they serve than in the moment. It'd be more interesting to know how this compares with Trump at the same time in his term.

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President Joe Biden’s order, issued a week ago, largely suspends noncitizens’ entry into the country whenever the number of migrants entering the country illegally is high.

“President Biden’s recent executive order flies in the face of our entire asylum system and has no cognizable basis to support it,” said Jennifer Babaie, director of advocacy and legal services for El Paso-based Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center, one of the groups behind the lawsuit. “By doing this, the president has managed to further penalize vulnerable individuals and families seeking protection and violated our laws.”

The lawsuit alleges that the exception criteria to Biden’s proclamation is too narrow. People exempted from the policy include permanent U.S. residents, unaccompanied children, trafficking victims and migrants who secure an appointment with U.S. officials. Migrant rights advocates have criticized the phone app used to make those appointments saying it’s already overwhelmed.

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That's true. There is still hope that Hamas could walk back some of their demands. It just seemed like a done deal. Israel has yet to agree to the terms as well.

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This is truly terrible, and certainly a war crime.

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So... Some executives are going to jail, right? Right?

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The plastic is a nice addition.

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Wow, how did that one slip through? Let's get these racists out of the general population.

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What if I already do that? #AuDHD

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Speaking at a news conference in Doha, Qatar, alongside Qatar’s prime minister and minister of foreign affairs, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani, Mr. Blinken said that “a deal was on the table that was virtually identical” to one that Hamas put forward on May 6.

At some point, he said, “you have to question whether they’re proceeding in good faith or not.”

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Definitely a partnership of convenience. As a group with prominent historical ties to National Socialists, it's wise to limit their military power. OTOH, they have been extremely effective in fighting Putin's army.

The enemy of my enemy...

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Has there every actually been a moral panic that helped society? Can we just stop with that and let people live their lives?

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Our goal is not to enforce any type of equal representation of candidates or issues. However, the articles should reflect equal newsworthiness, as you say.

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Yes, although we mention negative posts/comments as an example above, we will be keeping an eye out for all types of abuse.

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This withdrawal follows the departure of the French army from Niger at the end of 2023 and the arrival of Russian military instructors, as Niger seeks to diversify its defense partnerships.

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Russia released a group of women from a prison in late May to join the fighting in Ukraine, according to two former inmates who maintain contact with those still there, potentially signaling a new phase in the Kremlin’s use of criminals in its war effort.

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Professional sentiment about needing to operate a public-facing social media handle had begun to wane, but Musk’s Twitter tinkering drastically altered news gathering and sharing.

“You don’t have to have an account on these social media platforms. You don’t have to put yourself out in the public,” said Althoff. “Journalists should be social media lurkers at a minimum.”

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In Ohio, doctors have worked to pass a ballot measure that enshrined reproductive rights into the state's constitution. In Texas, they've battled in court over a narrow exception to the state's abortion ban.

 At least six Democratic doctors are running for competitive House seats this year, seizing on voters' concerns about reproductive health and high health care costs.

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Prosecutors say the organization exploited and drugged some of its female members, forcing them to sell their bodies and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly from clients in Argentina and the United States. BAYS also ran an illicit clinic where some members were administered drugs to induce prolonged sleep, sometimes as a form of punishment, according to prosecutors.

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Is there an app that offers good quality translation offline? I usually use TranslateYou which is a fantastic frontend for various services. When I'm traveling, I don't always have a network connection when I want a translation.

Is there any solution for this?

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Gantz's move wouldn't bring down Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's coalition, which still holds a 64-member majority in the Knesset. But it would likely destabilize the government and exacerbate the political crisis in Israel as the war in Gaza continues and as hostage and ceasefire negotiations are ongoing.

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Edit: it seems like the NYT missed the mark on this one.

AP reports:

Two eyewitnesses, Anna Ravn and Marie Adrian, told the daily BT that they saw a man walking toward the prime minister and then “pushing her hard on the shoulder so she was shoved aside.” They stressed that she did not fall down.

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A gun and artillery assault by Sudanese paramilitaries on a village in Sudan’s main farming region killed at least 104 people, including dozens of children, Sudanese pro-democracy activists said.The exact circumstances of the attack on Wednesday at Wad al-Noura, a village 70 miles south of the capital, Khartoum, were disputed.

“Even by the tragic standards of Sudan’s conflict, the images emerging from Wad Al-Noura are heartbreaking,” Clementine Nkweta-Salami, the top U.N. official in Sudan, said in a statement.

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