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"Top contributor"

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This post is 2 days old, we are now officially old people.

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Yup. On reddit, if you stumbled on a 13 hours old thread, commenting was just sending a bottle in the void.

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Sleep, drink plenty of water, sleep, eat, sleep.

Cook French toast for my partner.
Help her finish customizing the new PopOS laptop I gifted her. She's enjoying it a lot more than Windows so far and commented on how she realized how much bullshit Microsoft makes you go through these days. Win.

Procrastinate house projects and stuff, in no particular order: rebuilding the backyard patio (which is currently just a frame), preparing the backyard for paving stones (old aboveground pool that's gone), finishing the concrete side-porch (currently water curing, so not much to do for now), finishing repainting my office (missing a coat), sharpen all our knives, oil the new hammock stand, fight with the neighborhood squirrels, laundry.

I'm usually excited to tackle these when I have some downtime but I've worked about 30 hours in the last 2 days/nights so I'm a bit broken for now.

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The last Ubisoft game was Assassin’s Creed 3, right?

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You should find this info in the sidebar.
It's usually on the right on desktop, or expanded with a + button on mobile.
No clue about where which mobile app put that, but it should be in there.

The sidebar also contains other useful information such as instance rules, community rules, etc.

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No fightin in da shoppe!
Shopkeeper probably.

Seriously though, never fight anything in the shop, just kite enemies, get away, finish them outside.
It's fine if you get a few blows from a faster enemy Careful with scrolls that affect all visible creatures too.

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You, I don't know you, but I like you.
Thanks for curating your feed instead of reporting everything you dislike, fighting or harassing people.

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Your comment reminded me I have an actual axe to sharpen in the shed. Thanks.

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What a terrible way to go.

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Don't worry, they can waive their cognitive dissonance by mentioning that's some western fake news propaganda.
Should be any minute now.

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It's my little ritual, just in case there's ever an alternate ending where you rid the world of the amulet instead.

Toss it in the pits/volcano kinda vibe.

What useless stuff do you try on your runs?

Yes (sh.itjust.works)
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Tell us what game you are currently, or recently played, greater than 6+ months old.

If the game happens to be on sale, a link would be a plus.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

it's love (i.redd.it)
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What if I'm happy, but still want to reject cookies?
What if I'm not happy, but also don't want to manage cookies?

theguardian's banner truth table:
| Happy | Cookies | output | |



| | ❌ | ❌ | ✅ | | ❌ | ✅ | ❌ | | ✅ | ❌ | ❌ | | ✅ | ✅ | ✅ |

Is happiness a choice?

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English message:

As some of you may have noticed, there's an instance with 1.1M bots reposting reddit posts and comments accross communities in several other instances.  

I expect there are multiple valid opinions on the subject and this thread is meant to get a feeling of everyone's opinion on the situation. 

You might also want to read lemmy.ca's discussion on that here which is a pretty decent thread about the subject.  

Things that I think need to be pointed out:  

  • alien.top currently has 1.1M bots, only 6 of those are weekly users logging in. 
  • together they've made 1.59M comments accross a multitude of communities in other instances.
  • That project claims to be trying to get reddit users to switch to lemmy. 
  • They have a portal to allow reddit users to claim and take over their bot persona. 
  • alien.top has a single local community, the bots all post on different instances with copies of different subreddits.

I don't have an exhaustive list of such communities,  I haven't found an official one.  I'll post a fewfrom my personal blocklist in a comment below. 

And a note on the upcoming 0.19 release: 

  • the new user-level instance block feature will block all the communities of the blocked instances,  but will not block these users' posts or comments if they are done on another instance's community.  

My opinion isn't any more valid then anyone else's so I'll put it in a comment below.

Our users' input is welcomed.

What do you, dear users of sh.itjust.works, think about federation with them?


Message français:

Comme certains d'entre vous l'ont peut-être remarqué, il y a une instance peuplée de 1,1M de bots qui copient ees posts et commentaires Reddit dans plein de communautés sur plusieurs autres instances.

Il y a plusieurs opinions sur le sujet et ce fil de discussion vise à prendre le pouls de l'opinion générale sur la situation.

Je vous suggères de lire la discussion chez lemmy.ca à ce sujet ici, discussion intéressante. 

Quelques points qui, selon moi, doivent être soulignés :

  • alien.top compte actuellement 1,1 million de robots, dont seulement 6 sont des utilisateurs hebdomadaires qui se login.
  • collectivement, ils ont déjà fait 1,59 million de commentaires dans une multitude de communautés dans différentes instances.
  • Ce projet proclame essayer de convertir des utilisateurs de Reddit à passer à Lemmy.
  • Il existe un portail pour permettre aux utilisateurs de Reddit de prendre contrôle de leur version bot.
  • alien.top a une seule communauté locale, les bots publient tous sur différentes instances, des copies de différents subreddits.

Je n'ai pas de liste exhaustive de ces communautés, à première vue, je n'en trouve pas une liste officielle.  Je mettrai dans un commentaire ci-dessous quelques communautés que j'ai bloqué au niveau personnel. 

Pour finir,  une note sur la version 0.19 de lemmy qui s'en vient :

  • La nouvelle fonctionnalité pour bloquer une instance au niveau d'un uutilisateur bloquera toutes les communautés d'une instance bloquée, mais ne bloquera pas les publications ou les commentaires de ces utilisateurs s'ils sont publiés dans une communauté d'une autre instance.

Mon opinion n'est pas meilleur qu'une autre et je mettrai plutôt dans un commentaire ci-bas.

Les commentaires de nos utilisateurs sont les bienvenus.

Que pensez-vous, cher utilisateurs de sh.itjust.works de la fédération avec eux?


Spam (self.main)
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If you know what spam I'm talking about, I'm sorry.
If you don't, don't bother looking for it, it's honestly not worth your time.
Either way, we've taken steps to reduce the impact of such an event.
As always, if you see any, report it.   Thanks,

Si vous savez de quel spam je parle, désolé.
Sinon, perdrez pas votre temps, ça en vaut la peine.
Dans un cas comme dans l'autre, nous avons pris des mesures pour limiter l'impact de ce genre d'événement.
Comme toujours, si vous en voyez, faites un signalement.

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Curing tinnitus would sure be nice for a lot of people.

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Annonce en français:
Des ajouts ont récemment été faits à la liste d'instances bloquées.

Comme celles-ci étaient des instances connues pour héberger du contenu illégal, incluant des communautés pedo, loli, etc. elles ont été bloquées sans discussion préalable dans l'[email protected].

Vous pouvez consulter à tout moment la liste d'instances bloquées au bas de cette [page] (https://sh.itjust.works/instances) dans la section Blocked Instances.

Merci !

English message:We've recently added a few instances to the block list.

We usually made a discussion and vote in [email protected], but this latest batch was a bunch of instances confirmed to be hosting CSAM, CP, pedo and/or loli content.
Since these are illegal, they've been removed without Agora threads.

At any time, you can see the current list of blocked instances here, all the way down in the Blocked Instances section.


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