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Episode one was really solid. One of the better episodes of the second half of the show. Pulls on all sorts of threads regarding class, social justice, and soft authoritarianism.

I've just binged most of the series in the past month or so after learning about it as a result of Steve Pemberton's appearance on Taskmaster. I think it's absolutely brilliant, although somewhat uneven. The episodes that hit are just superb, and even the ones that aren't perfectly executed still tend to contain some interesting ideas.

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First click the link. Then manually type 12ft.io/ in the URL bar, before the https://

I'm honestly not sure how it works because it doesn't work when you share the link, but if you type it manually it does. Works on all sorts of sites too, but some sites have already opted out. Honestly the Firefox reader view that the other guy posted is even easier and more useful, assuming you use Firefox.

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Thank you for sharing that; I also consider myself a radical moderate. In the context of a decadent and degenerate society, the term makes a great deal of sense.

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Well said. As someone who is going to vote for Biden to keep Trump out of office, I harbor no ill will towards leftists who choose to reject the whole charade. One way or another, we need to bring down the system, and I don't see any evidence that voting for centrist democrats is likely to incrementally move us towards a better system.

On the contrary, it seems more likely to me that Trump would potentially accelerate the evolution of society by fucking everything up so badly that we would have no alternative but to make radical changes.

However, given that I am unable to be certain of the future outcome of each timeline, I believe that voting for Biden minimizes the risk of a worst case scenario. But again, I don't approve of shaming leftists for abstaining, because the reality is that both parties are colluding to maintain the status quo, and ultimately if Trump wins the election its not the voters who will be to blame, but the Democratic party for failing to produce a credible challenger.

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Oh cool. I'm using Firefox and I didn't even realize that. Good tip 👌

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Wow, this is so dystopian. Late stage capitalism at its finest.

Btw if you can't get past the pay wall, add "12ft.io/" in front of the URL and it should bypass.

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Somebody should make a sticker out of this. I'd buy it.

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This is a useful guide for formatting stuff on Lemmy.

Links are formatted like [text]_(link), except there is no space between the brackets and parentheses.

Every lemmy post and comment should have this button that I circled, assuming you're using the web interface. If you click that, it shows the actual formatting of the post or comment so you can see how it was done. Like this

Outro (www.youtube.com)
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This track is such a vibe. Always gets me into that Lain mentality.

A Distant Shout

Vocals/Lyrics/Composition: Nakaido 'Chabo' Reichi


Even though I shouldn’t have any sins
I’m accepting some sort of punishment
Even though they aren’t seeds that I sown
I’m made to pluck the flowers that bloomed prolifically

I can’t say that I don’t know about it
But I don’t recall having been an accomplice-in-crime
I feel that my freedom was costly bought
But I don’t recall having my heart sold cheaply

Hey Hey, until I die and bid farewell
Hey Hey, I won’t be caught by anyone
I wonder if you don’t know about the eternal ruffians
Who are prowling the distant night

It’s not even an unforgivable act
But wounds can’t be healed
On nights when I feel like crying, I make love to a woman
And take flight from this petty and corrupt world

Hey Hey, until I die and bid farewell
Hey Hey, I won’t be caught by anyone
I wonder if you don’t know about the eternal ruffians
Who are prowling the distant night

Even though I shouldn’t have any sins
I’m accepting some sort of punishment
I feel that my freedom was costly bought
But I don’t have the guts to sell my heart cheaply…

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Cute animation of SCP-999, seemed appropriate for this community.

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.world/post/13087351


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This sounds like something Lemmy would also really benefit from.

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Threads will be implementing federation in the near future and many instances have been discussing whether they should be pre-emptively defederated to protect the fediverse. See below for our local discussion thread, which will remain active until this vote is complete.

Given that this is a time-sensitive issue and it's the holiday season, we decided to initiate the vote a few days early to make sure everyone gets a chance to vote. The vote will be tallied on Friday, December 29th.


Only sh.itjust.works accounts may cast a vote

Vote by commenting either yes/aye/oui or nay/no/non

Any further discussion should be posted in the thread linked above

Additional Context/Discussions

Curent lemmy.world discussion

41% of instances have blocked Threads

Extensive discussion at [email protected]

This article has already been linked 10 trillion times in previous discussions, but in case you missed it

For the hard of hearing



In favor (aye/oui/yes) : 200 votes

Against (nay/non/no) : 55 votes

Sh.itjust.works has voted in favor of preemptively defederating Threads.

Thank you for your participation, and happy holidays to everyone!

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Why This Award-Winning Piece of AI Art Can’t Be Copyrighted::Matthew Allen’s AI art won first prize at the Colorado State Fair. But the US government has ruled it can’t be copyrighted because it’s too much “machine” and not enough “human.”

Regarding Hexbear (hexbear.net)
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I didn't want to make an announcement about this but since there seems to be some confusion (to say the least), I feel that I must.

You have almost certainly started seeing posts and comments from hexbear.net users in the past day or so. Long story short, when hexbear originally federated into Lemmy a few weeks ago, they left SJW off the list of instances they wanted to federate. A few days ago, hexbear users had a vote where they agreed to add SJW to their list of federated instances.

Myself and TheDude were informed of this vote by the hexbear admins while it was in progress. We agreed that if hexbear voted in the affirmative, we would be amenable to federation and seeing how it turns out. Now, here we are.

Hexbear is a Lemmy server that was created about 3 years ago as a new home for the former users of r/chapotraphouse. CTH was banned from reddit because they were openly calling for the deaths of slave owners, which reddit considered hate speech 🙄

Hexbear is composed of leftists of all shapes and sizes, and they also have a special sensitivity to the struggles of marginalized groups, including but not limited to LGBTQ folk, the disabled, and gingers.

Some things to know about hexbear: they removed downvotes from their platform. Therefore, they tend to make a lot of comments, because the only way to respond to something you disagree with is by commenting. This can give the impression of being brigaded, but that's not necessarily the case. Also, their custom emojis are displayed very large on other instances. This is a technical issue that will eventually be fixed.

Of the major instances, Lemmy.world, lemmy.ca, feddit.de, and beehaw.org have defederated hexbear.

SJW, Lemm.ee, and lemmy.ml are still federated with hexbear.

I hope we can all get along, but obviously that's not going to be the case. I recommend that users from either server make use of the block function as necessary. More importantly, don't intentionally go to communities on the other server and attempt to antagonize them because you have a differing political stance. Some political debate is well and good, but there is a time and a place, and if you're not sure, it's probably best to keep it on your own server.

We will be banning hexbears liberally if they come in here trying to start shit, and their admins will do the same regarding our users. Pun intended.

Bottom line: we will not be defederating from hexbear in the immediate future. I personally believe they are a valuable asset to this platform, and I urge you all to give them a chance to contribute positively. If you find them annoying, just block them and/or report them; they are subject to the same rules of conduct as everyone else.

Please direct any comments and concerns to this thread, or to the Agora.


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Wow. This is a Mastodon account posting to Lemmy and we are getting cross platform engagement and it's all working pretty seamlessly. This is the first time I've seen this kind of thing on Lemmy. The Mastodon users don't get to see the upvotes though, right? The @ thing when they reply is kind of annoying but it seems like a fairly easy fix to hide those when browsing from Lemmy.

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Welcome, this vote will determine which image we use for our banner image for sh.itjust.works. The discussion thread is in the Agora, and was also cross-posted to ImageAI

Fantastic work on the banners sh.itheads, I think we've got several excellent choices here. I've reposted the candidates below, with credits to the users who submitted them. I culled some submissions at my own discretion.

Each candidate is labeled with a number. In order to vote, simply comment on this post with the number of your preferred banner. You only get one vote.

Number 1 - @[email protected]

Number 2 - @[email protected]

Number 3 - @[email protected]

Number 4 - @[email protected]

Number 5 - @[email protected]

Number 6 - @[email protected]

Number 7 - @[email protected]

Number 8 - @[email protected]

Number 9 - @[email protected]

Number 10 - @[email protected]

Number 11 - @[email protected]

Number 12 - @[email protected]

You may also specify a few honorable mentions in your comment if you so choose, as a way to acknowledge the artists' work.

The vote will run until next Friday.


1. Banner 8 by @[email protected]: 91 votes

2. Banner 11 by @[email protected]: 49 votes

3. Banner 6 by @[email protected]: 24 votes

4. Banner 7 by @[email protected]: 20 votes

5. Banner 3 by @[email protected]: 19 votes

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Reddit has decided to run another edition of r/place in mid July for some unimaginable reason.


It seems to me that it would be stupid to not at least attempt to advertise for Lemmy given the perfect opportunity. Many have expressed concerns about giving reddit more traffic, but a few thousand users is less than a rounding error to reddit. However, getting a few thousand more redditors to move to Lemmy would be great for us.

Hopefully I can get a few sh.itheads to help in this noble endeavor. If not, at least I tried.

[email protected]

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Take a bow son

mnt. Doom (lemmy.world)
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My favourite, to be honest

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cross-posted from: https://sh.itjust.works/post/1022097

Don't mean to get in the middle of the Dieselpunk challenge but I figured the people here might want to take a shot at creating a banner as well. I'm going to leave that thread open for at least a week so you guys should have time.

Please post your best submissions to the Agora thread linked above

I will try to scan both threads to get all of the candidates before we vote, but the Agora thread is the official discussion, this was just cross-posted for awareness.

The two obvious themes in my mind are gears/some sort of complex machine, or computer hardware/circuits.

As an avid Lain Iwakura enjoyer, I added that screenshot because it's awesome and I think it'd be an extremely cool banner, but there are probably much cleaner designs out there that would be more welcoming to new users. I'm sure you guys will be able to come up with some in short order.

You can look on lemmyverse.net to get a quick overview of some other instance banners.

I really don’t know how the formatting and proportions are supposed to work but I will edit that in as soon as someone clarifies.

Lemmy.world looks like this

This discussion run for at least a week, and then we can take the most upvoted submissions in this thread and put them up for an official vote.

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The day this instance federates with Meta is the day I leave. They, and any other big corporations, can fuck all the way off. We have seen where that path leads time and time again.

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I like the idea but we are not ready at all for something like that. It'd be crazy to blow our load too early and draw a bunch of media attention here only for people to come here and find it unusable. If redditors are struggling this much to migrate, the general public has no chance.

See where we are at in 3-6 months and reassess.

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Yeah I must confess I recently went over there and agitated them a bit. I just wanted to see what their deal was because I saw a few of them over here.

TLDR they are basically like r/thedonald, libertarian types. Use slurs as a badge of honor. Angry, sad people. Fully in favor of defederation. But I get that it's early days, and defederation is a sensitive topic. I just don't see any path to that server becoming something of value that I'd want to interact with.

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