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That's what I was thinking... 2001 to 2003? Being gay didn't seem to hurt Bryan Singer... X-Men was 2000. X2 was 2003.

Singer left the franchise to do Superman Returns in 2006.

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Can we get a live action Lilo and Stitch next?

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This smells like one of those fake clickbait stories...

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There's a lot wrong about this article, there's so much to unpack:

"Thus, the idea that Biden is personally responsible for the surge of inflation in 2022 — and that he cannot be trusted to effectively manage the economy for that reason — appears deeply rooted in voters’ minds."

That's not why Biden isn't trusted on inflation, the reason he's not trusted is because when people tell him the economy is bad and they're hurting, he ignores their personal experience and rolls back on "What are you talking about, Jack? Economy's great!"


"The fact that wages have been rising much faster than prices for more than a year has left no dent on this impression."

Because the only way to reap the benefits of rising wages is to change jobs. People remaining in the same job have seen stagnant wage growth.


So inflation is going up, wages are stagnant, that means you're effectively getting a pay cut and the President goes "What's wrong, man? Look at the GDP!"

The same goes for a decline in rental prices. You don't see the decrease if you're in a lease. If you move you might get a break.

"Another few months of falling inflation could move the needle a bit, but there’s little reason to assume that such a development will dramatically change public opinion."

Inflation is not falling, it's increasing slower than it was. Last month it went up 3.3%, the month before, 3.5%. The fact that it went up .2% slower than before doesn't mean it's going down.

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Mayan as well. The 5th world ended in 2012.

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And we saw how well that worked out...

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Trump branded Kool Aid in gold foil packets.

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Harris isn't electable. Even her own staff hates her. She'll get the nod if Biden dies and she can get the sympathy vote, that's it.

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It looks good, but do we need this again?

We had the live action movie and the motion comic, isn't that enough?

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It looks good, but, again, why?

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In popular culture, it goes back to DC comics, specifically Flash #123 in September of 1961.


First, a little comic book history... DC set the standard for Superhero comics in 1938 when they introduced Superman. Following that was the creation of character after character.

This was called "The Golden Age" of comics.

The 1950s rolled around and superhero books kind of faded away, replaced by crime and horror books. This drew the attention of Frederic Wertham, a child psychologist, who sought to blame all of societies ills on comic books.


This inspired the creation of the Comics Code Authority which controlled what could and could not be published.


2 years after Seduction of the Innocent, DC re-booted superhero comics with Showcase #4, introducing a new version of a Golden Age character called The Flash:


Shortly after that, just like many characters appearing after the introduction of Superman 20 years earlier, a whole host of new characters appeared in the Silver Age, all approved by the Comics Code.

By 1961, DC was facing questions from fans about "Wait, how can there be two Flashes? Or two Green Lanterns? Where are the original characters?"

To explain this, they invented the concept of "Earth 1" and "Earth 2".

All the current characters and stories were happening on Earth 1, all the Golden Age characters and stories were on Earth 2.

Two planets separated by a vibrational difference, a difference that the Flashes of both worlds were able to cross.

And so Flash #123 introduced the whole Earth1 / Earth 2 concept in 1961.

Following that, they set up an annual crossover event between the Justice League (Earth 1) and the Justice Society (Earth 2), as a "CRISIS ON EARTH..."

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A permanent rise, yes, but storm surges and stuff will make Miami uninhabitable far sooner than that.

Miami elevation is 6 feet? Something like that?

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“The plan as of right now, is to completely shut down I-84 for both directions from I-5 all the way to 205,” said Barrie.

It’s scheduled for 12 hours, from midnight to noon on July 14, a Sunday.

And it’s not just for graffiti removal. ODOT, the City of Portland, TriMet and Union Pacific are all coordinating to take advantage of the shut down time.

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A developer HAD plans for the building years ago, but I think when Covid gutted the office space market, that all fell apart.

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"And nothing of value was lost..."

The whole rape of the 14 year old and subsequent cover up was an absolute travesty.


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(The WRX guy)

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Oregon authorities have expanded shellfish harvesting closures along the state’s entire coastline to include razor clams and bay clams, as already high levels of toxins that have contributed to a shellfish poisoning outbreak continue to rise.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife said the new closures were due to “historic high levels” of a marine biotoxin known as paralytic shellfish poisoning. The move, announced by the department in a news release on Thursday, came after state officials similarly closed the whole coast to mussel harvesting last week.

Agriculture officials have also closed an additional bay on the state’s southern coast to commercial oyster harvesting, bringing the total of such closures to three.

Elevated levels of toxins were first detected in shellfish on the state’s central and north coasts on May 17, fish and wildlife officials said.

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"It must be because of M.I.T., my relationship with M.I.T., very smart. I say, 'What would happen if the boat sank from its weight and you're in the boat and you have this tremendously powerful battery, and the battery is now underwater, and there's a shark that's approximately 10 yards over there?" Trump said. "By the way, lot of shark attacks lately. Did you notice that?"

In land locked NEVADA.

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