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I don't think anyone ever accused it of being prudish.

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If only Westerners would do the same eh?

I'm sure Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Syria, India, the entirety of Africa, Korea, Cambodia, Burma, the Americas, Palestine and god knows how many other places, would have appreciated us not moving in and upturning their entire way of life and strip mining their countries for our own benefit.

But sure, stop the migrants at the border. Then you can work for minimum wage washing my car. You utter ghoul.

I take comfort in knowing that you will get to watch the quality of life in whatever ghastly western country you live in completely deteriorate, and as that happens your own ruling elite will turn their hungry eyes inwards and begin to treat you and the ones you love the same way they've treated poor people around the world. As a resource to be exploited, used up, and then thrown away. It couldn't happen to a more deserving people.

I'll be in China, laughing my fucking arse off.

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Attending illegal immigrants does not stop the problem though. As others have said, there need to be easier legal means for them to emigrate to the UK.

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I'm jaded as fuck but I imagine it is all bullshit and you are being ripped off.

Same reason why a box of washing detergent powder costs a fraction of the price of washing gel pods and lasts about ten times longer and works just as well if not better.

You are being sold bullshit.

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I didn't say he was. I said I had no idea what his motivations were.

I was explaining to OP why some people get themselves killed in the pursuit of their goals.

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Some people see injustice and the suffering of others and are willing to sacrifice their own lives regardless of how good they have it. I also don't understand this guy's motivations, but I sympathise with people all over the world who have chosen to end their lives in pursuit of some higher goal.

Look at Aaron Bushnell. He ended his life to protest Israel's crimes in Gaza and the US's complicity in them. I often wish I had that courage.

And with regards to killing other people, some people just deserve to die and I'm not succumbing to some liberal bullshit about civility when those same people who spout that nonsense turn a blind eye to the mass slaughter of innocents around the world in the name of the status quo and their privileged existences.

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Finally a benefit to brexit that actually manifested. That and not having an automotive industry to speak of

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Friend just made me aware of this ongoing shittery in the UK. Ongoing demonstration in London at the moment. I said I would spread the word.

Pretty sure this is straight up illegal.

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I'm a beekeeper. Fuck this stupid "humanity fuck yeah" bullshit. We trick the bees into staying in the hive. They do not accept or know anything about us stealing their honey. I work very hard to ensure that they don't leave the hive via swarming. I participate in bee eugenics by controlling which queens I allow to continue laying, executing those that are not laying enough, laying too much, or producing offspring with bad temperaments. It's a constant battle against their will to be free.

I'm a bee slave owner.

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To be used sincerely or ironically. When something is just incredibly fascinating... and modern.

First deployed in this thread.


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I'm leaning towards yes, because despite their inclusivity and the general feel-good vibes of the stories, the characters themselves flirt with police brutality quite a bit, and who knows exactly what they get up to in their lives outside the novels.

Any more nuanced views from my fellow hexbearians (and lemmings)? I'm slightly less articulate than Detritus on a hot day, and I wonder how much the politics and views of Terry Pratchett comes up in leftist discourse.

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I don't think a world order built by China would be better than the shitty one we got from the US

I do to be honest.

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Hi all,

I've been learning Mandarin for just over 6 months but I am having trouble with my listening comprehension. Does anyone have any good resources for listening practice? I am looking for HSK 1/2 level stuff. I basically just need to immerse myself in as much content as I possibly can until all this vocab and grammar starts to cement itself in my brain.

I already use Hello Chinese and a few other apps. Ideally I would just be looking for quick fire phrases and conversations that I can listen along to. Youtube has some stuff but the quality is always a bit up and down.


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