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Hey guys,

Sorry about the absence, have been super busy with life, other projects and the nightmare of buying a flat lol.

Instance should be updated to 0.18.3, as some of you have noticed the website has been periodically down the last few weeks (at most by half an hour at a time) will keep monitoring the uptime after this update but hopefully this partially fixes it

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So last night a XSS scripting attack was found on all Lemmy instances. See the lemmy world update here https://feddit.uk/post/453040

What this means is that hackers could inject their own "script" when any user viewed a comment/post that the hackers made. The hackers would then grab your JWT token with the script so they could impersonate that user. (And perform any actions on behalf of the user)

Luckily, it looks like I haven't been compromised so the site config should all be the same

What has been done about this

I've removed any comments or posts which included the script see here https://github.com/LemmyNet/lemmy-ui/issues/1895

I would have removed all custom emojis as well but there was none in our DB, this may potentially mean that this site was not affected. Just in case, I've also rotated the JWT tokens so all tokens are now invalid. This means you will have to logout and log back into the instance

Shoutout to @[email protected] for messaging me about this and bringing it to my attention

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Was always a lurker on Reddit, now I’m an instance admin lol so I sort of have to comment and post often.

It feels way more a community on Lemmy though so I’m much more active than I ever was on Reddit I love it!

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Big update this, this update comes with captcha being available which has now been re-enabled for sign up. This means signups are once again open (as captcha should filter out most bots).

Quite a few UI changes in this one and quite a few performance updates as well (mainly around how the database works). If anyone is interested our CPU average is around 8-10% usage and the memory usage has dropped to around 5% usage so the instance is looking pretty stable.

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Hey everyone,

I've deployed a feddit.uk specific instance of wefwef at app.feddit.uk

If you haven't heard of wefwef before, it's essentially a mobile UI which you can deploy as a PWA to your phone, the link for the actual app is here https://wefwef.app

So that we don't rely on wefwef servers, I've deployed a local version which should be faster as it runs on the same server as feddit.uk so is essentially a second UI to the regular web app as I've limited to feddit.uk only at the moment.

Thanks, Tom

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Hey everyone, It seems a lot of people are having issues verifying their email when first signing up as they are not receiving the email.

This is because around 20-30% or emails sent from [email protected] are being bounced due to being marked as spam. I'm working on fixing this at the moment, (the domain is on a domain blacklist on spamhaus.org)

In the meantime, please send an email to [email protected] from the email that needs verifying and I will verify the email manually which should resolve the issue.

Thanks, Tom

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Woo my first big contribution to the app! Looking forward to making more!

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It’s working with my nord VPN I haven’t blocked anything around VPNs so not sure what’s going on here

Would you mind sharing a screenshot and possibly a console log of the issue if you can?

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Sorry I've updated the instance so hopefully that should fix it

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Okay I’ve given this some thought to this and I agree with most of the comments here that mention this is troubling.

Firstly I wanna preface with saying I’ve never moderated anything before so this is new to me so I’ve generally leaned to being more hands off. Saying that I’m gonna look to add extra site admins in the near future who may know more about moderating.

Back to the point, I think the comment @[email protected] made was a great point, in that, I don’t think the community’s idea explicitly breaks the instance rules. But the posts and some of the posters are on the edge/ if not breaking the instance rules so I’m going to remove the community in question to stop it attracting more users who will break the instance rules

Also this instance is supposed to be UK centric, so I think it’s fair to leave communities that are more controversial to other instances who are better equipped to deal with them

With this I’m going to post some more community creation guidelines tomorrow which will give more explicit guidance on which communities are allowed on this instance. I’m leaning towards having political communities requiring approval before being created to avoid this in the future

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I've enabled captcha for the login and I've added email verification. This does mean I had to update each of the current users as verified emails however, as otherwise no one would be able to log in.

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Genuinely considering this when I get into my new flat. Me and my GF are both radiators when we sleep and having a fan on just doesn’t cut it. Dries my mouth and nose out as well.

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Wonder what has caused the sudden rise in the last few months

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After a second thought, I'll keep the blocklist free of political instances, even though most I personally disagree with. In terms of any large ones which are grey areas of legality (loli and stuff like that), yeh I'm protecting my own back by blocking them.

That does mean the blocklist is only 1 atm, I'll keep an eye on what other big instances are blocked by other instances and keep the blocklist updated by doing that. Realistically a lot of the ones I would want to block will be so small I wouldn't notice them so that list will be kept fairly thin I imagine. (I'm not gonna be like beehaw or even feddit.de who have fairly large blocklists)

I get the frustration of having stuff blocked which might feel restrictive, so I'll try and keep the blocklist as small as possible but I do still think some should be blocked.

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Yeh sorry about that, have enabled all languages

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Check out Celeste if you haven’t already. For me it’s the perfect 2D platformer and works really well on the deck. Think I clocked around 100 hours on it just on it alone!

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Shame would love to him in the Prem, but then it would for Liverpool or City. Reckon he'll do well at Madrid

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What is Lemmy?

Lemmy is link aggregator software that exists in the fediverse, meaning it connects with other “ActivityPub” software like Mastodon and other Lemmy instances. Basically, you can follow and interact with communities here on feddit.uk, on any other Lemmy instance, or even from your Mastodon account!

What is Feddit.uk

Feddit UK is a UK specific instance of Lemmy, ideal for people from the UK or are just interested in following the UK community.

This instance is hosted by me Tom, an experienced software dev based in London. I decided to host Feddit UK as I saw many instances already made for other countries and none for the UK and saw the need for a UK community on the Fediverse. To help the upkeep cost of this instance, please consider donating by buying me a coffee!


Why Feddit

Feddit comes from the combination of the words Fediverse and Reddit. Lemmy is a new alternative to Reddit based on the Fediverse!

What are the rules here?

  • No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or xenophobia
  • No incitement of violence or promotion of violent ideologies
  • No harassment, dogpiling or doxxing of other users
  • Do not share intentionally false or misleading information
  • Do not spam or abuse network features.
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Hey guys, just to let you know I'm upgrading the server tonight to a dedicated server which should improve the speed of the site significantly. It shouldn't take too long and might resolve some issues we were having on the instance.

At the moment, the server has been running on shared hosting which is cheap hosting where the server that runs the website is shared among many users. I upgraded it this morning but it didn't seem to help at all so I'm opting for a dedicated instance.

Over the last few days we've seen a good number of users join the instance and I've had a good number of donations from some great people!

My intentions are to run this server for as long as I can even if I'm putting some of my own money into it. I know some people may be worried about an instance like this being hosted by one person but I promise I'll keep it up and keep regular backups just in case I can't host it anymore or something happens to the server!

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Only thing I’ve missed about Reddit is googling stuff by adding Reddit on the end of it! Ironically most of the stuff has been around server stuff for my Lemmy instance

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Hopefully that's the last we hear of Boris 👋

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