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How are these cops not under arrest by the FBI and why aren't they on trial??

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For anyone who thinks Canadian cops are nicer, I still remember the G20 in Toronto. The police designated a park as a free speech zone, surrounded it, took off their name tags and put on masks, and began to beat the protesters. They tore a disabled man's prosthetic leg off and dragged him around, they took people away from cameras and beat them. Not a single cop, including the chief in charge, suffered a single consequence. And they wonder why we no longer feel sad when one dies.

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This is gonna end up like those people who got an implant to be able to see, and when the company went under, they lost support and their eyesight

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Warren Buffett is like Bill Gates. He's an evil billionaire (all billionaires are evil) who keeps pretending to be a good guy so people won't despise him.

Nobody earns a billion dollars, we've decided as a society that even global leaders, scientists and life saving doctors who do the most important work don't earn that much. It's impossible for a human to be valuable enough to earn a billion dollars. Therefore every billionaire is where he is, because he stole the wealth of the people below him who did the actual work. Every billionaire is a wage thief.

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Police have offered a conflicting account of what happened Jan. 10, saying in a statement Friday that they had executed a search warrant at the correct address and the child did not "sustain any apparent, visible injuries."

Never ever, ever, believe a police statement of any kind. Police reps are gangsters and liars.

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I'm in Canada and nobody seems to remember COVID 19. No masks anywhere, people coughing on everything, if you wear a mask people look at you like you're psycho. I tried getting test kits and nobody has them anymore and one pharmacist even commented that nobody is worried or testing anymore. I got it for a second time this year, and everyone I knew was also sick but in denial, everyone insisting "it's just a cold"

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I loved him telling advertisers to fuck off and all the people listening just laughing at him like the moron that he is. He thinks his edgy, middle aged man schtick is cool, but everyone's laughing at how pathetic he is

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We wasted so much time figuring out that none of this bullshit is logical or fair, getting mad and saying we wanted change and being ignored. Gen z just straight up walks out if they don't like what they see and I'm all for it. My daughter is 12 and I've been teaching her about her rights, and her dignity at work, and that minium wage=minimum effort, that a work family is not a real thing, that you never do "favors" for a company that can afford to pay you, and that unions are a must. I'm not surprised that gen z refuses to let themselves be abused, it took me way too long to realize that i can tell my boss to eat shit.

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Resurgence? it never went away.

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She's literally using her own children as a shield for her lies, those poor kids.

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They say this, yet he's still making and spending to the tune of 100k per month and the courts aren't doing anything about it. Rich people don't get to go broke like the rest of us, he's gonna keep living in a nice house and making millions and get away with not paying anyone, and the courts won't do shit

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Happy anniversary to raid at Harpers ferry, and the battle cry of hero John Brown!

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He lost me when I saw him in a video trashed while singing and throwing up Nazi salutes and insulting the crowd. You can blame the alcohol all you want, but Nazi salutes are a line you don't cross. So I dunno what happened to all his positivity, but it's been long gone.

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