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Which LN has the best ad?

My pick would be Re:Zero. The first season is so well done that I had to pick up the LN to see how it continues.

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The Konosuba LN is really funny, great read.

The Konosuba anime is peak comedy, the crazy VAs and goofy-ass animation bring so much to it and it hardly loses a thing in the process.

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Agree that this is a good one from what I have read of the LNs so far. The VA work in particular is excellent. I can't help but hear their voices as I read.

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I've read the light novels after watching the first season of the anime and I read Aqua's and Megumin's lines in their voices.

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I think most people would see this and interpret it as talking about anime adaptations, but my favorite LN adaptation is actually a LN->manga adaptation; The Eminence in Shadow.

Don't get me wrong, I like the anime. I feel like they did a decent job adapting the story and even included some anime-original content that fits in perfectly as well as adding in WN easter eggs that never made it into the LNs. However, the manga manages to really take the story to a whole other comedic level. If you appreciate the humor in TEIS, then the manga is a must-read since it cranks all the jokes up to 11 and is chock full of meta jokes and visual gags that are not present in the other mediums.

I remember when the anime started airing, how disappointed many manga-only viewers were at how serious the story actually was. If your only exposure to TEIS is through the manga, then you would expect the anime to be something more like Konosuba as opposed to a dark fantasy like the LN. Overall, cannot recommend the manga high enough. It was my first exposure to the story and drove me to read the WN and the LNs. In fact, TEIS is the only LN series I own physical copies of!

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My only exposure to TEIS was the anime up to the episode where he does the I AM ATOMIC thing. I couldn't handle the cringe anymore after that. The anime felt not like a parody like Konosuba but like something that took itself seriously. Is the manga different in that regard?

[-] [email protected] 2 points 1 month ago

Yeah, I think so. The manga is a much more comedic version of the story. It has its moments where Cid goes full chuuni, but it is much sillier overall. Just a couple examples I quickly pulled from the manga (all of which take place before the "I am atomic" scene) in the anime (chapter 6 in the manga):

Manga Panels

  • Did you work out to try to become the ultimate fighting machine in your previous life on Earth? Well, good luck trying to remain a mob character when you look like this:

  • Do you find immense pleasure in killing bandits? That is not normally a very protagonist-like thing to do:

  • Want to ensure your confession is a failure? Make sure to practice how to do it incorrectly:

  • Do others place high expectations on you? Don't let it bother you! Cid doesn't...

[-] [email protected] 2 points 1 month ago

I think the anime ruined it for me in a reverse way of how the Konosuba anime changed my experience. I see those panels and in my mind it invokes the tone of the anime.

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