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~~Kathryn's alright as second best girl, though.~~

When you've gotten cut by too many "tsuns" in life without a hint of "dere", you start to appreciate characters that are less of a pain in the ass.


  1. Top from left: Taiga from Toradora (came across this posted by u/Holofan4life, amusingly enough), Eris from Mushoku Tensei, and Mikoto Misaka from Toaru
  2. Bottom from left: Kathryn and Gurigura (best girl) from Evenicle
  3. I can't believe I managed to find scans of the Evenicle manual... and inside them was this FAQing cute art of Gurigura (NSFW for other artworks on same page)
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Everyone says you can keep going on, but nobody asks ~~if you want to keep going on...~~

Inspired by a quote on u/Mayczal's recent KS Alphabeth to update a reaction image made for this meme.

Then again, "He who has a Why..."

Source: Katawa Shoujo, Emi's Route, Act 2 Scene 4

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spoiler"At least our free countries don't have morality police controlling what people can wear" - "Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they don't exist... maybe they're just better dressed and better hidden... they don't have to control what you wear if they can control what you see..."

A quick and dirty meme after seeing the latest updates. Saimin? Really? But 50SOG with its dubcon (at best) is fine? Hmm.... I wonder why. u/kaigyuu2016 would probably have a field day with this.

I mean, I'm no fan of ryona/guro myself, but I don't go around telling others they can't access it (even if they might need a bit of Touhou Jesus after that).

Then again, I guess when you have money and monopolistic/duopolistic power in a market/industry, you'll try to reshape what society can see according to what you think is right... just like Steam.

I wrote some time ago that "this isn't stopping at looks = age, but going beyond that. It's anyone's guess where it'll stop."

If they don't stop at saimin... what's next, timestop?

u/Jaggedmallard26 nailed it pretty well... "You can launder money from drug cartels so they can buy heavy weaponry with a bank but god forbid you use their service to see a titty."

Fortunately, it seems like some in Japan are taking notice of this "make Japan and Japanese media conform to Western standards" and trying to stand up.

My condolences to our German weebs, though.


  1. Pixiv Announces Transaction Restrictions For 'Unethical' Content
  2. DLsite March 2024 Tag changes for Japanese and English after the Mastercard and Visa credit card incident
  3. Dl Getchu bended knee to credit card companies.
  4. Movie: Star Wars The Phantom Menace
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Hayami out there with the armor-piercing questions.

Reading that post triggered a memory about there being a similar line in this game... went digging for it... and found it.

"Why do you lie...? Why do you lie to your own heart...?"

"...this way, no one would be hurt..."I'd rather lie than hurt others."...that's what I thought."

"Your feelings would hurt others... is that what you're saying?"

"...my feelings... or... my existence, maybe..."

Translations improved from whatever Google Translate + DeepL gave.


  1. Oof 1
  2. Oof 2
  3. VN name in title
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The last game-based meme made in support of the game/dev. Do note that at the time these memes were made, I didn't receive anything and it was done purely to support the dev's unfortunate situation. The dev has recently reached out to me and provided me a key out of their own goodwill, so going forward, I'll make memes about the game as I've done so for other VNs if I get around to playing it someday.

That's a shit-eating grin if I've ever seen one.

Peaches, probably: "No, I don't think I will."

Source: "Order Us!" VN by u/Argent_OU, free demo here

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Another game-based meme made in support of the game/dev.



First the man drinks a drink.

Then the drink drinks a drink.

Then the drink drinks the man.

Stay sober, weebs. Many things can be a coping mechanism, but some are healthier (and lighter on your wallet/waistline) than others...

Source: "Order Us!" VN (link NSFW) by u/Argent_OU

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"Ah, yes, I'm familiar with this string of characters. It appears frequently when the male and female characters are entwined in the heat of passion. Strangely, she keeps saying "Go!" "Go!" even though the dictionary indicates that she should be saying something like "I'm arriving!" "I'm arriving!" instead..."

Sentence taken from a random Japanese article on a website I saw recommended at r/LearnJapanese, NHK's Easy Japanese News service. It's pretty good as reading practice, but the slow reading speed (even with Yomitan) makes me feel like a Stellaris researcher trying to decipher the stories of a long-lost civilization... and getting it wrong 90% of the time.

But 10% of the time, it works, and you feel pretty good about that. Hopefully it gets easier and better the more reading is done...

Source: "Kyoto Prefecture, Uji City: Mimurodoji's Plum Blossoms Bloom Prettily."

The House in Fata Morgana (store.steampowered.com)
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I’ve not yet played it myself apart from he first 20 or so minutes, but I heard nothing but the best about the game.

Tokyo School Life (store.steampowered.com)
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Cute game, currently playing through it. So far I would recommend, I really like that the idle animations and the way they render font.


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