A missed opportunity (sh.itjust.works)
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Perfect posture (sh.itjust.works)
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I don’t think a community for it is an unreasonable idea - at least for now, many AI images are easily identifiable by defects / lack of reasoning in the image. Though there isn’t a good computer program that can do this, I agree.

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The community is a copy of the subreddit r/whitepeopletwitter, which is a spin-off of r/blackpeopletwitter. It’s not meant for exclusively white-person tweets - rather, it’s just meant to be a funny name to those who are aware of r/blackpeopletwitter. The omission of “white” in the display name is probably to reflect that they accept tweets from people of any ethnicity.

“It’s sick” (sh.itjust.works)
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Anon's secret (sh.itjust.works)
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(A 4Chan "green-text", with a picture of Pepe chuckling)

have two dogs

ask them "who's a good dog!?"

never tell them who

it's them

Boomeram (sh.itjust.works)
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Image Transcription

(A 4Chan "green-text".)

married, with a six year old daughter

wife hates violent video-games and doesn't want me playing them with daughter in same room

my little girl loves some of the violent stuff, but I do draw the line obviously

she absolutely loves, loves, loves Raiden, Sam, and the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance cast of characters. Mostly likes Raiden and Sam over the rest of them.

get a phone call from school, saying she was in a fight.

have to leave work and address this mess

principal explains to me that she punched a boy who made fun of her, stood over him and said, "Show me a good time, Jack."

I almost, almost started to laugh and had to brush it off like a cough.

had to ball my fist over my mouth, excuse myself.

"Anon, do you have any idea where she learned this?"

"No sir, but I will talk to her about it."

We made it five steps into the parking lot before l lost my shit, imagining my daughter standing over some little shit with her arms spread saying, "Show me a good time, Jack."

got her ice cream, had a heart to heart, and had to play it down when wifey got home

Kids are a treat sometimes.

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Anon helps a turtle (sh.itjust.works)
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Image Transcription

(A 4Chan "green-text", titled "Altruism", with a close-up photograph of a turtle on the pavement)

Riding bike through town

See something strange on the side of the road

Decide to stop and investigate

It's a turtle tucked into its shell

Hold finger in front of shell

Turtle pokes its head out, sniffs finger, and then retreats back into it's shell

It's a hot day, and there are no bodies of water nearby

There's a river a few miles away, decide to take the turtle there

Ride bike with one hand while holding the turtle

People look at me strangely

Don't care, the turtle is all that matters

Turtle pokes its head out when going fast downhill

Probably the fastest the turtle has ever gone

Finally reach the river

Set the turtle on the shore under some shade

After about 10 seconds the turtle crawls into the water

Looks back at me before submerging and swimming away

Feel more emotion in that moment than I have in the last few years

Despite my mistakes and shortcomings, a creature's life was made better by my existence

Is using our time to help others the real answer?

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Image Transcription

(A 4Chan "green-text" titled "The elderly is wise", with a black-and-white portrait photograph of an elderly woman staring into the camera)

Be me, lonely guy in Britain

Get in the public transport to get back home

Sit next to a lovely old lady who smiled at me

Have a little talk

She tells me really interesting stuff and we have some laughs together

She tells that this day se would've been celebrating his brother's birthday but he is gone

We keep talking

She tells me a heartwarming advise:

'I could stay indoors and think about bad things, instead, I decide to go outside, see things, smile at people, they smile back at me, there is no point of being sad and angry at home'

Actually I feel like if I listened some sort of prophet

She gets to her stop and leaves, we say Happy Christmas to each other

Elderly deserve respect, I'll probably join as a volunteer to some kind of organisation that helps them.

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Image Transcription

(A 4Chan "green-text", with a photograph of a lake in the early morning)

be me


visiting parents

see younger sister for first time in years

13yo TikTok kid who listens to the same 5 songs

spend day driving around and listening to music with her

have drinks with dad that night

spend night in basement office

room is below hers

hear her listening to a bunch of the songs I played in the truck

I feel accomplished as a big brother.

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Another picture:

And a better shot of the yellow pin, since it's at a weird angle:

A yellow pin reading "Keep the feds out of our beds".

Link to the music video in which the jacket appears (albeit without the pins).

Anon's new puppy (sh.itjust.works)
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Image Transcription

(A 4Chan "green-text", with a drawing of Pepe driving whilst looking down at a puppy on the passenger seat)

be me

be loser who drives a delivery van all day

work is fucking boring as fuck

get new puppy

puppy is sad when I go to work

have idea

I will take puppy to work with me

Next day put puppy in van

Puppy sits shotgun all day, does not piss or poop in cab

Take puppy to park during lunch break

Puppy waits patiently while I make deliveries

Drive home

Realize work was fun with my little puppy buddy

Have never had this much enjoyment of work

Thank you puppy

Anon makes mom proud (sh.itjust.works)
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Image Transcription(A 4Chan "green-text", with a pencil sketch of a girl looking at a flower)

finals are near

cant concentrate on studying because a lot of stuff in my mind lately

first exam is on thursday, history.


talk to mom

i love my mom

"i used to love history, fem-anon. stayed up until 4am reading everything i could, it's beautiful"

she motivates me to study thanks to her passion

read first topic

hey, this ain't that bad

be thrown aback because dates and weird ass names

mom comes in room

"i made you some roasted chestnuts"

be one of my favourite winter desserts

"continue studying sweetie, good luck! i know u can do it!"

im gonna do this for you mom. im gonna have the greatest grades i can achieve. i love you mom. i'll make you proud, i swear.

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It says "doesn't use the internet", not "can't use the internet". Whilst the internet has become more accessible over time through the use of screen readers etc, accessibility is unfortunately not considered a priority for many apps and websites. It's trickier to navigate the web as a blind person because websites are primarily designed to be looked at, not heard. It's not unreasonable that she might just not want to use it, even though she could learn to.

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Birds have peckers

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Fortunately this is fake, it was made by Alan Wagner on Instagram who goes around sticking up posters like this. If it was real that last sentence would be seriously concerning, obviously.

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Are upgrades to the newest and still supported macOS version free?

All of Apple's macOS updates are free, and have been since 2013. They have exactly one major macOS update per year, with smaller bugfix releases interspersed. However, Apple drops official support for their computers after about 5 or 6 years. This is exactly the same as their update system for iOS and their other platforms. Apple is able to provide updates for free due to income from hardware sales, which Windows obviously isn't in the same position to do.

macOS 14 Sonoma (the latest version) is officially supported for all Macs made since 2018. You can still install modern versions of macOS on unsupported devices, but you have to use third-party tools such as Open Core Legacy Patcher.

What other applications do macOS users get for free?

Apple has quite a few free apps, many of which come pre-installed with macOS. These include Safari (web browser), Messages, FaceTime (video-calling app), Maps, Pages (Apple's version of MS Word) and more. Here's a full list. You may recognise many of these from iOS. Controversially, most of these pre-installed apps receive updates with the OS, and can't be updated without also updating the OS. Therefore, all of these apps receive free updates for as long as Apple updates the OS.

Apple also sells a handful of paid apps for a one-time charge, the most well-known of which is Final Cut Pro. They also have subscription services for some of their other apps, such as Apple Music.

Do macOS users get more free apps if they create an account with apple?

Some features require an "Apple ID" (Apple account). Some examples:

  • Purchasing apps from the App Store or buying one of Apple's subscriptions. Free apps can be downloaded without an Apple ID.
  • Access to iMessage, which is Apple's messaging protocol. It's somewhat similar to the RTS protocol feature-wise, but it's a closed system (in true Apple fashion). If you don't sign in, you can still text others via SMS/MMS.
  • Access to AirDrop, which allows you to send files to nearby Apple devices via BlueTooth.
  • The ability to send and receive texts and calls from your Mac, if you have an iPhone.

I’ve understood adobe and MS-Office are active at the mac app store. How does apple’s business model work?

Some apps are available on the App Store, and others are downloaded from the developer's website. Most developers make their apps available from the web rather than the App Store, because Apple charges money to offer apps on the App Store. It costs $99 per year, plus 15-30% of the money made from people buying the app or from in-app purchases.

Microsoft Office apps are available from the App Store, but you have to download most Adobe apps from Adobe's website. As mentioned above, this is to avoid the 15% cut that Apple would probably take from Adobe's subscription revenue if it was available on the App Store.

Do I buy the app, pay once and get free updates and upgrades indefinitely? or do I have to pay them a monthly fee?

Apps are either free, have a one-time charge, or are subscription-based. Apps downloaded from the App Store are updated automatically, and most will give you free updates forever. The developer gets to choose which OS versions they support, and can publish updates for your device even after that device stops receiving OS updates from Apple.

Can LibreOffice be used on a macOS?

I don't use LibreOffice personally, but their website says it's supported. Another alternative is Apple's equivalent of MS Office, which is free and supports MS file types.

Is there an emulator to use ubuntu or windows based apps on a mac? Are they free of charge?

There are emulators, yes. Wine is a free popular emulator for Windows apps. You may have used Wine on Linux before. Linux and macOS share some similarities on the technical side, because they are both based on UNIX (unlike Windows).

I personally use Whisky, which is Wine-based and has a nice GUI. It should be noted that not all windows apps will work through Wine, but I've had success with many apps and even some games (most recently Lethal Company, which I was able to run at a stable 120fps using Whisky).

Intead of emulating a single app using Wine, you can also emulate Windows entirely if you want to. I've used Virtual Box to do this in the past. Parallels Desktop is a sleeker alternative that many people use, but it's subscription based. I personally haven't tried it.

On older Macs (that have Intel chips) you can install Windows directly alongside macOS. Modern Macs (ones with Apple Silicon chips) can't run Windows natively, but there is a version of Linux (Asahi Linux) that you can install.

I hope this answers your questions :)

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This is Philomena Cunk, a satirical BBC news reporter. They produce videos in which she interviews historical experts but only asks them stupid questions like “Were the pyramids built from the ground up, or from the top down?”

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They just don’t want you to see the tongues licking the dishes

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