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Not a dystopian nightmare?

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That's why I enjoy pet play. Super relaxing.

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turns around with water flowing from his mouth Oh! I'm so wet!

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Hitting up the connect for some bud.

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"It is only when the mosquito lands on a man's balls that he considers a non-violent option." - Confucius

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Foosball is just an Americanized spelling of "Fußbal" which is German for Football.

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Always love the ones where it changes nothing whether he's there or not lol

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If the game takes up half of my entire SSD, it better have so much content and gameplay to make it fucking worth it.

Call of Duty isn't such a game.

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Original Ark fans: First time?

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I'm surprised they ever had new players stay with how toxic that game's community is.

I tried it when it was still pretty newish, hopped onto the fucking tutorial servers where you're playing with real people on your team, but against bots and there's literally no stakes.

The level of vitriol I got for not immediately knowing the meta was enough to make me uninstall and just never bother with it again. I tried DOTA2 after and had the same experience, which turned me off to the entire genre.

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Mama says foosball is the devil!

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There's no sales tax on unprepared food in this state (I'm also paying by EBT with food stamps) and the CRV for the can is only $0.05. where the fuck is the other 41 cents coming from? 😬

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... (yiffit.net)
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Just adding myself as mod

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Just as the title says: Have you ever clicked on an ad, knowing it was an ad, on purpose? What ad was it? Why did you click it?

Curious because I realized I have not once in my life clicked on an ad shown online on purpose. Accidentally, and being tricked into clicking the wrong thing sure; never with intent though.

Bang Bang Rule! (yiffit.net)
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Think of the universe as a painting. There's the image made in paint, and the surface it was painted on. The canvas.

The stars, the planets, the gasses, the matter and energy and even the space between are the paint. What's the canvas? Is there a canvas? Would the canvas follow the same rules as the paint?

Snoot (yiffit.net)
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There's a few for me. Yamok sauce. Various synthohols. The desserts Troi's always eating (or being). But most especially gagh. I wouldn't let the fact it's some kind of living worm distract me from the way all the cool people describe it. If Riker likes it, I think I would too and I certainly wouldn't want to look like a p'taQ in front of Riker.

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My right eye just suddenly feels like I have a black eye out of nowhere (didn't injure it or anything recently). It doesn't happen often, but this is something I've felt before. What the fuck is that? Did a ghost punch me in the face or something? I wanna hold some ice over it but I'm not sure it would do anything since nothing actually hit me.

Edit: Not like a migraine; it's not a pressure behind my eyes, it literally feels like I've been punched and am nursing a black eye. The lower eyelid is tender AF, too, if I touch it. I posted this before I went to sleep and I just woke up about an hour ago and it still hurts.

Edit 2: You know what? It might be from wearing my VR headset. It was on kinda tight last night and the way it sits, most of that pressure is right at the top of my cheeks, just under my eyes. I might have burst some blood vessels and gotten a bruise.

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