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Tell me how a series would change if MC were the villain. Who would be the new hero and how would the plot change?

And since today is Bookworm day I'll start with the obvious:

Ascendance of a Bookwyrm: Urano Motosu, once a book-loving and kind-hearted girl, reincarnates as Myne, a fire-spewing dragon. After a century as a recluse in her dragon hort full of books she accidentally burns everything down in a fit of rage when she reads a romance novel and her favorite ship doesn't sail. Desperately crying over the ashes of her lost hort she hatches a new plan. She transforms into the body of a little girl and tries to blend in with the human civilization of the Ehrenfest duchy. She begins to develop a book industry and finds promising authors but becomes quickly disillusioned with this new environment and its injustices. She realizes that her efforts to spread knowledge and literacy have been in vain, as the nobles and clergy continue to exploit and oppress the common people. Feeling betrayed and frustrated, Myne's desire for change and justice morphs into a thirst for power and control as she turns back into her dragon form and forces everyone to write and print books for her ceaselessly after she overthrows the ruling class and becomes the new supreme ruler.

As Myne's power grows, the Yurgenschmidt descends into chaos. Entire duchies are destroyed, innocent people are burned by a angry Bookwyrm for the slightest typos or when the wrong (in Myne's opinion) ships sail. The nobles and clergy, who once oppressed the common people, are now forced to flee or go into hiding. The people are caught in the middle, suffering under Myne's tyranny. Some of those people who once admired and respected Myne are shocked and terrified by her transformation. Her former friends and allies, including Benno and Lutz, are forced to confront the monster she has become under the guidance of the resistance leader Ferdinand. They must band together to stop her, but Myne's cunning and magical prowess make her a formidable foe indeed.

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To be lore accurate (as of P5V10) Evil Myne couldn't have had mana otherwise she would die.

spoiler P5V10

Imagine Myne being born in Lanzenave and she accidentaly went to yurgenshimth, where everything is crumbling to sand(including books) due to Lanzenave coup and subseqent purge.

This would make for perfect villain origin story.

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Sorry, I just now finished the prologue, so I’m not opening that spoiler just yet.

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So I’m a spider so what?

Spoilers ahead, turn back now!

It’s surprisingly hard to think of a story that still keeps true to the characters personality. I couldn’t have her just abandon the world as she cares about Ms Oka and Ariel, she can’t just take them and leave due to the conjuring and she doesn’t have the power to change that until the end and she can’t just defeat her enemy due to the massive difference in power.

It ended up becoming “Whites Revenge” instead of “The Villianess White” (Unless trying to kill the villain makes you the villain?), but she’s already a villain as she want to sacrifice the people of the world to save the ones she loves.

The result:

The story continues as it is until the end when she becomes Administrator Ds maid. Still enraged that she was being used she bides her time. She continues to learn more about conjuring and expanding her knowledge of being a god. Through her work as Ds maid she makes contact with other gods. She slowly makes friends with the gods who oppose D.

Once they have gained enough power they plan their attack on D. But as D can use conjuring to see into the past and future she knows of the plot to kill her. Being D she allows the plan to go ahead as it would be more entertaining.

Ending 1 - D pulls out the spider self destruct button and everyone’s favourite spider blows up.

Ending 2 - Before dying D thanks everyone’s favourite spider for making it so entertaining and resets the universe so she can enjoy it again for the ?th time.

Now you know why I didn’t become an author.

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Nice one. I'd go with ending 2. Seems more gratified than the first option, even though I have absolutely no idea what's going on that far into the story.

Also, thanks for participating! I didn't expect anyone to go through the hassle of coming up with and writing an alternate story synopsis.

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