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Every free minute was occupied by a game this week but I still managed to finish my hate-read a little bit every day before sleep.

The Mythical Hero's Otherworld Chronicles: Volume 3 - Still a train wreck but I keep going.

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I managed to get through:

I'm a Noble on the Brink of Ruin, So I Might As Well Try Mastering Magic, vol. 1
This one was interesting. I don't think I had many expectations going in, so that probably played a part, but I can't exactly say it was bad. I'll definitely be starting the volume 2 pre-pubs this week.

The game engine I've finally started writing has taken up most of my time, so that's definitely not helping me get through a list that I thought I'd cleared, but now seems like it's growing by the hour.

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Haven't checked in for a couple weeks, partly because I haven't been reading much, but I did slowly get through a couple of novels I'd previously seen the anime of:

Classroom of the Elite, vol 1: I remember lots of comments about how much better the LN was in anime discussion threads because you get way more of Ayanokuji's character and thoughts. Unfortunately, for this first volume, his character and thoughts are boring as hell and it takes half the volume before he does almost anything at all. Probably better from here on out, but man I was disappointed in this first volume.

Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? Vol 1: There's more focus on Bell picking up girls than I remember from the early episodes of the anime, and a lot more whining about being weak, but this is another case where it probably gets better from here on out because I do really love where the story goes in the anime.

TLDR: why are so many first volumes so annoying? Yeesh.

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Making Magic - Vol 07

I have read the latest Making Magic. Much the same as the others.

I’ve been killing slimes for 300 Years - Vol 01

Finally got round to actually finishing killing slimes for 300 years.

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