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If you could entice any author to create a spin-off series (or one-shot) about a side character of theirs, who would it be about?

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For this one I don’t have a specific character in mind, but more of a concept for a spin-off. I would like to read a spin-off from the point of view of a side character that follows the hero and actually does all the work behind the scenes so that everything "works just out” for the MC. When you read the main series it looks like your usual hero power fantasy, but when you read the spin-off you see that everything would be come crashing down for the hero if the side kick wouldn’t run themself ragged behind the scenes. I think if done right could be great comedy.

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Sounds like a humorous version of Ender's Shadow. Sign me up!

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One that I have wanted for a while (and is kind of happening) is an Eminence in Shadow story from the perspective of the characters that are not Cid. If you, as a reader, had zero insight into Cid's thought processes, then TEIS is a very dark fantasy setting instead of the comedy/parody that it becomes when Cid is there. I think the actual worldbuilding underlying TEIS and the characters that populate that dark world are interesting (Alexia, Alpha, Claire, and Rose would all be great co-MC candidates).

I said that this is kind of happening because they have announced that a manga adaptation of the Seven Shadow Chronicles is being worked on. These are stories from the Seven Shadows' perspectives during a period of time that is time-skipped in the novels. They are told in the TEIS mobile game and were written by the LN author, so are considered canon. These stories are often dark, but then each little arc usually has Cid show up and do Cid things to inject some humor.

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Didn’t I say to make my abilities average

The Nanos POV.

Tap for spoilerA book full of watching the Nano-Net, seeing who else is in the top charts.

Of the Scavengers POV.

Tap for spoilerSneaking around collecting metal, blasting into space to prepare the satellites. What do they see and do on their missions?

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That would be a great video game.

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