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I said a while back that I was gonna change my name due to my obscene displeasure with the final season but... nah. I'm Stamets. I love my lil gay boy and I love his lil gay family and I love the ship with the weirdly long nacelles.

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I had the same reaction in all honesty. I fucking hated it on first release. The klingons looked weird and most of them spoke it HORRIBLY with the giant fake teeth. I thought the ship looked odd as hell and Lorca was grating. Abandoned it like 5 or 6 episodes in. Came back a year or something later when they started season 2. Said fuck it. The trailer for Season 2 looks interesting. I'll rewatch Season 1 and catch up. Wasn't nearly as bad as I remembered. I was just so upset by all the 'newness' of it that I couldn't look past it. It wasn't the Trek I knew. Everything about it was SO STRANGE and felt so off but the more I watched it the more I recognized the Trek that's actually there. Just realized that it's Trek with a new coat of paint that is not the greatest color. Season 2 came around and they repainted again with a brighter color. Was still new but the old was much more recognizable.

I've had the same reaction to a lot of stuff. Tennant switching to Smith fucked me up. I hated Daniel Craig on first watch, although now I find the hatred of him to be unjustified. The writing of his movies? More so. There's a few other examples I'm sure but in each one it was just something new that put me off so much I couldn't bring myself to accept it. I think a lot of us fans have that reaction with new stuff.

But as I'm getting older the more I realize that the new should be embraced. Being stagnant isn't any better for media than it is for us or water. Movement and progress and trying new things should always be what we strive for. Even if the attempts don't always work, that doesn't mean we shouldn't try.

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Couldn't agree more brother. The concept of Riker's Beard is well known in TV - although it is hard to implement in the age of streaming. But I want new and untried.

LD really broke the mold and is fantastic. DISCO's issue is that it wasn't different enough.

I want Horror in the ST universe. I want James Bond in ST (Section 31?). I want How I Met Your Mother in ST. I want Law and Order in ST. I want MASH in ST. I want Saved By The Bell in ST(Academy?) I want The Hurt Locker in ST. I want The Notebook in ST. That's how the franchise moves on, not retreading old ground.

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