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"It was the best deal we could have had." Two years later, a Ukrainian negotiator is still bitter: unveiled by the German daily Die Welt, in an article spotted by Le Figaro on Monday, the deal could have ended the war just weeks after the Russian invasion.

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Marcuse critiques the concept of tolerance in liberal societies, arguing that it can be used to maintain existing power structures and suppress radical change. He calls for a more discriminating form of tolerance that favors progressive movements.

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You're making an accusation without providing any evidence of the supposed abuses or unfairness. Why do you feel the need to spread FUD?

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I do expect that China adopting Linux as the main OS will propel Linux to leapfrog Windows and macOS going forward. It's not going to be just 1.4 billion people in China using Linux, but also all the countries that will be buying Chinese hardware. This will likely result in Linux becoming the dominant OS globally.

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Seems that he's shipping enough for the genocide to progress unabated, but sure let's talk about the republicans being worse instead of acknowledging how deplorable democrats are.

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move along folks, nothing to see here

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I mean they commit so many crimes and then lie about it that they're literally required to wear body cams now

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and it discusses the rate of weapons shipments, which appears not to have changed, if anything it looks like the rate of shipments is going up https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-69013279

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Multiple people tried really hard to explain the concept of a context to you last time, I guess all that effort was wasted.

My cat be like (lemmy.ml)
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it's 4d chess, you wouldn't understand

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Loongson makes sense for government use because it can act as a drop in replacement for x86, but it's pretty clear the chips SMIC is making for Huawei are what's going to the consumer market. These chips are only a generation behind the bleeding edge.

You're right that yields might be low currently, but all that means is that it's just less efficient to produce chips, and it's not like the problem is insurmountable. Meanwhile, silicon as a substrate is hitting limits now, there's nowhere to go past 2mn because you start having problems like quantum tunnelling effects. So, it's not like western chips can keep improving indefinitely without radically new designs.

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