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equivalent of doing this i think

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that thing has achieved a self sustained fusion reaction

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i said that it could be art to the observer art can't exist in a vacuum it needs someone to experience it.
the ethics of how an artpiece is made are ultimately irrelevant to whether or not it counts as real™ art but very relevant to whether or not we should keep letting it be made the same way.

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the thing is i don't think a meaningful definition of art can exist. any attempt would necessarily leave something out. you can look at a crack in a random wall on your way to the shop and think it's art.
is all art necessarily good? No, obviously not, but if looking at a wonky ai landscape (or let's be honest with ourselves, massive honking ai tits) means something to you than that's art to you.

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tumblr in this case.
some people have decided to discredit all ai art as "not real art", implying that "art" is a quality that is bestowed upon a thing by its creator.
this is bullshit to me because i believe that anything can be art to someone and that decrying ai art as bad because it's somehow not real art is a thought terminating cliche that distracts from the reality that image generators are made through the exploitation of milions of unpaid artist's work.

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adherence to the rule is the 4th law of robotics

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i thought it was Elden ring

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the user behind this is some "jamie0723", both they and the subs they've made have no posts and link back to sites that i can only assume are a scams or grifts. block they ass

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the two faces of an extremely punchable coin

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King Charles the Third, Ghoul of the Rotting Empire

From here

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hasn't aggroed yet

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that would be very funny

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From here

Pants the Raven (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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A post from tumblr user gorjee-art:
"a raven father (i call him 'pants') I've been feeding sometimes likes to sit outside my window and either wait for more food or just listen to the stuff I'm watching while I draw. Today's a colder day so he likes to fluff up a bit, and I kid you not:
[a drawing of a crow with feathers so puffed up they look like pants]
this is an accurate representation of my view"
[two pictures of the raven, one almost identical to the drawing and one where the raven is slightly less puffed up]
"Pants sure is pantsing today"

braver than any marine (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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A screenshot of a tiktok video where the person filmed is flipping the camera off, the screenshot has the text "When people think they can hurt my feelings but it was my job to enforce the mask mandate at Crackerbarrel when i was a seventeen vear old butch lesbian" superimposed on top

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Cool distros to try (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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I'm pretty comftable with linux mint right now but i want to peruse the wares so to speak, what are some cool or interesting distros that do things differently than mint?

Edit: i dont wanna distro hop people cool your jets, i just wanna look around cos i find it neat :3

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joyous skittering of the least-bird

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