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thoughts and prayers

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Just keep going until you hit China. Five year old me will be blown away.

It would be far easier to hit up some near Earth objects, then maybe Vesta, but Ceres is the mother load. Small enough to be solid, but large enough to be spherical and therefore somewhat differentiated if you can get to the center of that Tootsie Pop.

Maybe in the process we'll learn enough to effectively mine and utilize Phobos, the larger moon of Mars at 11 km in mean radius. That is the largest accessible orbital habitat that we have available (in flat pack IKEA furniture form) and it only has around 30-50 million years before it hits the Roche limit and turns into a ring, unless we manage to intervene.

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I REALLY need the social credit for a vacation. Give me all the laxatives!

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Maybe look at galnet too:


That one is totally offline and is a simple translation dictionary. I use it and Wiktionary on a browser tab regularly.

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They no longer directly maintain a flathub beta. You must use the .apk from the website like it was in the past. I guess no one wanted to maintain the extra effort for flathub.

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Adding to what others have already mentioned... Most of the gold will be from various collisions of external objects. The vast majority of the gold and other heavy elements are in Earth's core due to gravitational differentiation.

There is a volcano (in South America IIRC) that has unusually high gold content, but it is from the underground magma reservoir coming in contact with gold deposits. This is why space mining is a really big deal. The Earth is a resource poor gravity prison by comparison. The wealth in space is enormous compared to any differentiated body.

Gold is actually everywhere and relatively common, but only in very small quantities. Under the right conditions, the weight can help gold to concentrate and fall out of solution when that solution was once covering a very large area, dissolved the tiny bits of gold found all over a large area, and then pools into a low point over extremely long periods of time.

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I found a Python project that does enough for my needs. Jq looks super powerful though. Thanks. I managed to get yq working for PNG's, but I had trouble with both jq and yq with safetensor files. I couldn't figure out how to parse a string embedded in an inconsistent starting binary, and with massive files. I could get in and grab the first line with head. I tried some stuff with expansions, but that didn't work and sent me looking for others that have solved the issue better than myself.

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Nostalgia was messing with my head too much to play along so don't feel bad.

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They usually seem that way at first. I think it is a case of the massive amount of data available initially; like it is unbiased. I think of it like all the shelves in an enormous library lined up on a giant wall. It is very capable and full of information, but lacks any kind of focus.

Also, when training the big models, as far as I understand it, they train until they find the sweat spot and then go past it. Once they know the curve of how much training is "overtrained," they go back to a point a little bit before the peak so that fine tuning should place the model at the peak.

The raw checkpoints usually lack focus in both positive and negative directions. It can be similar to how LLM's need really good instructions that help Name-2 understand its own role. If you try and define this role even with diffusion, you're likely to get a change, maybe an improvement. Something like this may help, "You are a helpful generative AI that follows the prompt details exactly.\n\nPrompt:". That actually helped with Pony when I tried it on the base checkpoint recently.

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It is way more. It is a means of manipulation and influence over your decisions, and the decisions others make about you. The issue boils down to a fundamental principal of your right to autonomy. If you play out this philosophically, it is an attack on your citizenship and democracy itself. Autonomy is a fundamental cornerstone of democracy. Attacks on autonomy are attacks on democracy.

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Spots have turned to stripes on the bottom half of this one.

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I want to extract and process the metadata from PNG images and the first line of .safetensors files for LLM's and LoRA's. I could spend ages farting around with sed or awk but formats of files are constantly changing. I'd like a faster way to see a summary of training and a few other details when they are available.

catholic school uniform (image.civitai.com)
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Felt sexy, needed to share. Not my gen, just one from a NSFW LoRA posted on civitai.


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Shooting star on the Moon (files.catbox.moe)
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Double dipping this one from the community challenge #37 pinned to the top of [email protected]

Vote on my impossibly hard challenge please.

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The Up Side Down

I want to see the most impressive images of an upside down reality. From objects, to landscapes, or anything in between, what kinds of inceptions can you create.

extra creditI've been trying to create an O'Neill Cylinder space habitat interior for a week now. Major kudos if you can can defy gravity with one of these. If you don't know what an O'Neill cylinder is, watch this 3min render: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2d_0l5ycRM or here is the wiki


  • Follow the community’s rules above all else
  • One comment and image per user
  • Embed image directly in the post (no external link)
  • Workflow/Prompt sharing encouraged (we’re all here for fun and learning)
  • Posts that are tied will both get the points
  • The challenge runs for 7 days from now on
  • Down votes will not be counted


At the end of the challenge each post will be scored:

  • Most upvoted: +3 points
  • Second most upvoted: +2 pointS
  • Third most upvoted: +1 point
  • OP’s favorite: +1 point
  • Most unconformable: +1 point
  • Last two entries (to compensate for less time to vote): +1 point
  • Prompt and workflow included: +1 point

The winner gets to pick next theme! Have fun everyone!

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Someone a few hours earlier asked, what would you do if you found porn after a family member passed. I am asking, what kind of porn did you get, just to be found after you're gone? For better or worse! What is your last way to get in a dad joke or eye roll?

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I've lived under a rock for 10 years. I did Metro ages ago while most were still on contracts. Surely we've reached true capitalist open market freedom by now. Is it still total closed market, noncompetitive, privateering corruption?

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I've used distrobox more and more and am at the point where I need to start saving and integrating history differently. Or like, when I'm installing and building something complicated, I need to start saving that specific session's history. I am curious what others might be doing and looking for simple advice and ideas.

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Explained in under 5 minutes by an active geologist:


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Of the things available to most of us, what are common and the oldest things we might find on a store shelf?

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I've wanted to try it for a long time, but never got around to it. I'm curious about any techniques that are more grass roots outside of the commercialized space, like what are the absolute minimum things needed when repeatability, convenience, and time are not important factors, but money and access to rare markets is extremely limited? What have you made before?


  • a (blank) makes a good screen, or (blank) is an alternate technique to screens
  • (blank) can work as a replacement for emulsion
  • (blank) is an alternative for ink

I'm personally interested in printing on t-shirts, but also printing silkscreens on circuit boards.

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