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Of course. If someone said "POV: a truck driver" you'd expect a scene looking out from the driver's seat of a truck.

In this photo what does it mean? Clearly it's not her point of view. Her mother's? But that's not what the text implies.

For some reason on TikTok especially people just slap "POV:" on absolutely everything.

Literally nothing about this meme would change if they left off POV. It's utterly meaningless when used like this.

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Disney world next

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Maybe but then the photo doesn't really match the text

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Most modern ones last long enough and charge fast enough that it's barely ever been a problem. I just pop it on the charger when I shower at night and when I'm getting ready in the morning. It always lasts the day pretty easy for me

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POV means nothing anymore

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He was always ambivalent about abolition. Not a fan of slavery, sure. Maybe. But he made it clear over and over and over again that he would much rather keep the country together than free any slaves if he could.

He also MANY times said he wouldn't even know where freed slaves fit into American society, proposing they be shipped off to some island to colonize so he wouldn't have to deal with them.

It was only at the insistence of his generals that it was a military necessity or they'd lose the war that he freed some of the slaves.

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Is it the best or is it just the one you use? Have you used both? Recently? Immich has changed a lot in the past year or two.

IMO just the fact that it's a NextCloud thing kinda sucks

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Yes even Lincoln. He was brutal with the indigenous Americans just like all his contemporary genociders.

And even on the subject of slavery, he was basically forced into it. He also really hampered radical reconstruction which sought to actually change the power structure, take land from slaveholders and give it to the freedmen... Went way easy on former Confederates and let them slip into (subdued, but still significant) control. He wasn't as bad as his successor in that regard but he's no role model. Read "Black Reconstruction in America" by W.E.B. DuBois if you're interested.

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Pepsi 1893 Ginger Cola is the greatest soda known to human kind and I am absolutely devastated by the fact that I can't get it anymore.

I like ginger so strong my nose burns thanks

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I'm not a big AI guy but it's really not quite like that, models do NOT contain all the data they were trained on.

Edit: I have no idea what's going on down below this comment

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The switch is fun to tinker with if you have a hackable one. I wrote a guide on XDA on how to install Android on a Switch. I didn't actually do any of the hard work to port anything or anything technical, just wrote the guide. I didn't expect it to become like the guide but it did. I saw it used by Linus Tech Tips once.

I kinda felt bad for never updating it. I dunno if it still is up to date enough to still be useful.


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JERUSALEM, May 11 (Reuters) - Israel called on Saturday for Palestinians in more areas of Gaza's southern city of Rafah to evacuate and head to what it calls an expanded humanitarian area in Al-Mawasi, in a further indication that the military is pressing ahead with its plans for a ground attack on Rafah.

In a post on social media site X, a military spokesperson also called on residents and displaced people in the Jabalia area of northern Gaza, and 11 other neighbourhoods in the enclave to go immediately to the shelters west of Gaza City.

According to the Palestinian news agency WAFA, 24 Palestinians were killed overnight after Israeli jets targeted several areas in central Gaza.

Despite heavy U.S. pressure and alarm expressed by residents and humanitarian groups, Israel has said it will proceed with an incursion into Rafah, where more than 1 million displaced people have sought refuge during the seven-month-old war.

Israel's military said that so far, about 300,000 Gazans have moved towards Al-Mawasi.

Israel says it cannot win the war without rooting out thousands of fighters of the Islamist Hamas movement it believes are deployed in Rafah.

Israeli tanks captured the main road dividing Rafah's eastern and western sections on Friday, effectively encircling the eastern side in an assault that has caused Washington to hold up delivery of some military aid to its ally.

The White House said on Friday it was watching the Israeli operations "with concern," but they appeared to be localized around the shuttered Rafah crossing and did not reflect a large-scale invasion of the city.

The war was triggered by a Hamas-led attack on southern Israel in which some 1,200 people were killed and more than 250 people taken hostage, according to Israeli tallies.

Israel's military operation in Gaza, which it says aims to eliminate Hamas, has killed close to 35,000 Palestinians, according to Gaza's health ministry. The bombardment has laid waste to the coastal enclave and caused a deep humanitarian crisis.

The Biden administration said on Friday Israel's use of U.S.-supplied weapons may have violated international humanitarian law during its Gaza operation, in its strongest criticism to date of Israel.

But the administration stopped short of a definitive assessment, saying that due to the chaos of the war it could not verify specific instances where use of those weapons might have been involved in alleged breaches.

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New logo

The new logo is now rolled out on all platforms, including the web, mobile, and documentation pages. If you are a content creator, you can grab the logo vector and raster files in the repository's design folder.

Social Preview


Welcome to release v1.99.0 of Immich. This release adds the new logo, fixes many bugs, and improves the application. Some of the highlights include:

  • [WEB] Sort photos and videos to display direction in an album.
  • On-disk cache on the mobile app to provide a better viewing experience.
  • There is a new endpoint for OpenTelemetry metrics to monitor performance.
  • Optimized queries for large libraries.
  • Add upload progress and speed indicator.
  • XMP sidecar file is now recognized with both photo.ext.xmp and photo.xmp extensions.
  • Drag to select - Now press your thumb to drag and select in the selection mode.
  • Improve user feedback in the mobile app's backup and album selection screen.
  • Various improvements for the library scanning process.

Asset's display direction in the album

We added an option to change the order of the assets in the album so you can view the assets from older to newest and vice versa.


Mobile asset caching

Improving cache for remote thumbnails and the images, they now stay on disk so that they can load faster and give a better experience while used offline. You should feel a faster loading experience across the app.

Performance monitoring with OpenTelemetry integration

Immich provides a variety of performance metrics to allow for local monitoring and insights. This integration is primarily in the form of Prometheus metrics. However, exporting traces is also possible due to OpenTelemetry instrumentation. Please visit the documentation to learn how to enable this feature


This opt-in feature allows you to monitor Immich's performance. This data isn't sent anywhere beyond what you've configured.

File size progress and upload speed indicator

We added an indicator to show the file's size that has been uploaded and the upload speed under the progress bar in the backup screen.


Drag to select

You can now drag to select in the mobile app when in selection mode; this will help make selecting in bulk easier.


And lastly, I want to express my gratitude to @immich-app/contributor who make this behemoth of a release happen 🎉

And as always, bugs are fixed, and many other improvements also come with this release.

What's Changed

🗄️ Server

  • fix(server): face search results not always sorted by @mertalev in #7839
  • fix(server): serve static directory only if it exists by @benmccann in #7857
  • feat(server): Add OAuth auto-redirect enable/disable CLI commands by @ddshd in #7841
  • feat(server): OpenTelemetry integration by @mertalev in #7356
  • feat(server): YAML config file support by @bo0tzz in #7894
  • feat(server): Update XMP sidecar search to look for both photo.ext.xmp and photo.xmp by @kokulshan in #7813
  • feat(server): lower library scan memory usage by @mertalev in #7939
  • perf(server): optimize getByIds query by @mertalev in #7918
  • fix(server): queue library asset refresh in batches by @etnoy in #7914
  • feat(server, web): album orders by @martabal in #7819
  • feat(server): added support for SVG files by @declan8010 in #7960
  • refactor: global validation pipe by @jrasm91 in #7985
  • feat(web): add millisecond options to storage template settings by @sevtdy in #7942
  • fix(server): prevent feedback loop during library scan by @mertalev in #7944
  • feat(server): use nestjs events to validate config by @danieldietzler in #7986
  • feat(server): memory includes partners assets on timeline by @alextran1502 in #7993
  • refactor(server): library service by @jrasm91 in #8050
  • chore(server): change save -> update in asset repository by @mertalev in #8055
  • fix(server): "view all" for cities only showing 12 cities by @mertalev in #8035
  • fix(server): use extension in originalFileName for libraries by @etnoy in #8083
  • test: temporarily disable flaky audit e2e test until #7436 is fixed by @zackpollard in #8089

📱 Mobile

🖥️ Web

🧠 Machine Learning

  • fix(server): ml gunicorn listen on ipv4 and ipv6 by default by @growse in #7930
  • chore(deps): update onnxruntime-openvino by @mertalev in #7854
  • feat(ml): add cache_dir option to OpenVINO EP by @dvdblg in #8018


📓 Documentation

🔨 Maintenance

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It's distrohop time. Want to go immutable for the first time. But waiting for KDE6.

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Welcome to the first Immich release of 2024, v1.92.0. This release is packed with features, bug fixes, and improvements. Let’s dive into some of the highlights of this release.

[BREAKING CHANGE] The welcome message for your instance is now moved to the Server Setting in the Settings section in the Administration page on the web

Hardening storage template move operation: verify files are copied correctly when operating across filesystem boundaries

External domain setting: allow the usage of a different domain for shared links

Native hash calculation on iOS: significantly speeds up the initial hash calculation

Introduce Onboarding flow for new instances: Show the admin common settings of the instance for a better user experience.

CLI version 2.0.6 was released on npm: https://www.npmjs.com/package/@immich/cli

Search is now working across the partner’s assets.

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Well I'm just about fed up with streaming bullshit. I currently have a home server that's just a raspberry pi4 with a bunch of docker containers and it served my light usage well.

But with transcoding on Jellyfin I'll be needing some more power. And a bunch of storage. So wanting to perhaps build a new little server.

CPU requirements aren't high at all. Need to transcode maybe 2 concurrent 4K streams, A cheap discrete GPU or a CPU with a decent enough iGPU could handle this. Other applications are basically negligible, like Vaultwarden and PiHole, torrent, using as a general file storage server.

I also recently acquired a mini PC which is plenty powerful, but doesn't have any way of adding a bunch of drives. So another option is setting up a pure NAS and just using the mini PC as the server. It's got an i7 10700T and iris 630 iGPU.

I've been using Linux and self hosting basic things for years, but I'm pretty new to this level of hardware and little experience with RAID.

Budget: ~$500ish - storage goal: 12+ TB

rule (thelemmy.club)
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