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Glad I could help! :)

I'd say have a great day but you're 6 hours ahead, so I hope you're having a great day!

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Hahaha I'll be fine. I'm going back in December for a couple of months.

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Yeah...AAA gaming is really an industry unto its own at this point, and one that likely needs to completely restructure itself before I'd be willing to take the plunge. That, and I have grudges against a lot of the major publishers (glares at Take Two after how they utterly fucked KSP2)

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Honestly, the only city in the world I like more than NYC is Tokyo, but that's a separate discussion. New York is honestly pretty fucking awesome, slight media fearmongering aside.

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Boeing said

Do we really trust them at this point? I mean, if true that's great, but they've lied before.

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Surely you're being intentionally obtuse. The connotation of "EV" in this context should be obvious.

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Lol fuck no. I'm not originally from a hot climate, and that's one of the reasons I'm leaving hahaha.

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Most EVs don't require an internet connection. I'm like 99 per cent sure my Ioniq 5 doesn't, at least.

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I'm only going to be a Texan for a few more weeks haha. Leaving for good in early August.

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Austin, Texas, USA

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Not surprising. I've honestly absolutely loved my Ioniq 5 (SEL AWD for those curious). My city operates fairly cheap chargers on the ChargePoint network ($0.21/minute) that are basically my saviour since I don't have a charger installed in my condominium.

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Is there no thread for the current race?

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