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I'd say close to 100%.

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Some of the incorrect information that I corrected were common misconceptions, so I felt like it was worth doing it for others for a while.

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It was an ancient salvaged U.S. helicopter flying in terrible weather. I don't think we need to start inventing conspiracy theories.

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Yeah sure, but which would you rather have on your coffee table: a 7000-pound marble sculpture or toast coasters that go into toast coaster toaster holsters?

Marianna clearly wins.

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I would also add that not a single Whitaker episode reached the levels of stupidity of Capaldi's Kill the Moon episode. That one made me angry, it was so stupid.

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I don't know, but I'm glad I decided to find out what it looks like, because it's super cool.

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Putting out arrest warrants on both of them is so smart. It's a way to avoid people claiming they are taking sides or playing favorites or aiding terrorists or being in favor of genocide or whatever. Both leaders are culpable because both the IDF and Hamas have committed atrocities.

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The crown is currently held by a town in Bosnia that got 2,325 people named Ivan together in 2017, according to Guinness World Records.

Yeah, but like every other guy in Eastern Europe is named Ivan, so that's a lot easier.

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Cajun style!

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Every time I read the phrase 'the American Dream' I think of the part of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when, after spending the whole novel trying to find the American Dream, they're given directions, only to find the remains of a burnt-down nightclub, "a huge slab of cracked, scorched concrete in a vacant lot full of tall weeds."

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What a complete and utter shit show from the start. And all because of a successful con.

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Tacos. (lemmy.world)
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Park rules (lemmy.world)
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Not an island! (lemmy.world)
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What, you say it's an island because the only guy in antiquity who wrote about it as if he had any intimate knowledge of the subject said so?

You fool!


Atlantis, at least the Atlantis Plato wrote about, was a similar topsy-turvy version of Athens as Wonderland was a topsy-turvy version of Victorian England, but with an added moral lesson. The whole idea was- "wouldn't it be nutty if Athens was like this? Well we're lucky it isn't because look what happened." It starts with Socrates asking for a description of a perfect society, and then Critias says, "okay, here's the perfect society and here's what went down and here's why we don't want that." And basically Atlantis believers say it was real because Critias said so. Because Plato said he did. In order to make a point that had nothing to do with history.

But sure, a global space-level civilization, we'll go with that.

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The new norms reframe the Catholic Church’s evaluation process by essentially taking off the table whether church authorities will declare a particular vision, stigmata or other seemingly divinely inspired event supernatural.

Instead, the new criteria envisages six main outcomes, with the most favorable being that the church issues a noncommittal doctrinal green light, a so-called “nihil obstat.” Such a declaration means there is nothing about the event that is contrary to the faith, and therefore Catholics can express devotion to it.


The norms also allow that an event might at some point be declared “supernatural,” and that the pope can intervene in the process. But “as a rule,” the church is no longer in the business of authenticating inexplicable events or making definitive decisions about their supernatural origin.

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For you MST3K fans, this proves that cats are superior to Nick. Even cats get into Castleton.

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Believe it or not, no aliens were likely involved! Just some very smart humans and a massive amount of labor.

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Those Silicon Valley geniuses have done it again!

Next week- "it's like the subway, but with AI!"

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