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Spice and Wolf - Vol.03 to Vol.05 [Audiobook]

The narration is a bit better with the second narrator but the voices are just not the same as in the anime. For anyone who’s watched the anime and thinking about reading the series Volume 4 is completely missed in the Anime so is new content.

Didnt I say to make my abilities average - Vol.18

Nothing much to note. It is similar to all of the other volumes in writing. I still enjoy the story and the interactions of the characters.

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Volume 4 is completely missed in the Anime so is new content

I believe the currently running remake of the series should be more truthful to the book adaptation. I'm unsure if they will reach volume 4 in only 25 episodes, but maybe they will adapt those volumes. I would have to reread the LN, but it was relatively slow if I remember correctly so they might get there with the anime's pacing. I'm not up to date with the anime remake but from what I've seen so far I'm not convinced that it is something that needed to be done if they don't add the skipped content.

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Yeah, I haven’t started the new series yet so not sure.

Hopefully they will keep it closer to the LN. But listening to the audiobook I only caught a few bits changed in the original Anime like the person he sees at the start and skipping the 4th volume. There might be more as I don’t retain much when listening and working.

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Yeah, Average Abilities vol 18 was average for the series. I enjoyed the return to the established humor and antics, but I don't know that this can sustain the series much longer.

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Misfit of Demon King Academy vol 6: If this volume is an indication of where the series is going then I'm 100% on board. Much more mystery, much more abstract problems, much more ideological conflict. Anos struggles (for some definition of the word) with the strength of his opponent's conviction as much as their combat strength, and as things go on he's never entirely sure whether he has the right information on anything. Really good volume.

Brunhild the Dragonslayer: This was such a good revenge story. The author's note really hits the nail on the head: they try to aim towards a happy ending, the plot tries to move that way whenever it can, but would it really be that convenient? I think this is more like a series of related one shots than a traditional LN series, but I'm really excited for the next one anyways.

This week: Apothecary Diaries vol 11, which I had apparently entirely missed the release of. Oops.

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The Mythical Hero's Otherworld Chronicles: Volume 5 - I can't help but chuckle at how bad the series is. It really became my new guilty pleasure. I actually had to laugh when one character was called "The King of the North". And you know, the King of the North doesn't want to involve himself with the fight about the empires throne and has only the a great spirit wall in mind. A wall that protects the southern realms from a mythical enemy that hasn't been seen or heard of for generations. Hmm, I wonder why this sounds so familiar? It's like on the tip of my tongue...

The Mythical Hero's Otherworld Chronicles: Volume 4 - So, I got back to that series to get an MC who is not above killing an enemy, but then get promptly betrayed because MC here spares one villain because that one has a pair of breasts. The author let his horny get the better of them. Come on man, MC being ruthless was the one redeeming factor of the series.

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Did you make a typo in the titles?

Sadly I was quite busy this week and didn't finish any novel.

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Why? I read those two volumes. I honestly did not think the series warranted rewriting my notes to encompass both in one entry, so you only get my unedited notes how I wrote them down.

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Got a little confused as there ware two notes instead of one.

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