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Worked through 後ろの席のぎゃるに好かれてしまった vol. 1 yesterday. Definitely liking it so far, and it wouldn't shock me to see an anime adaptation. Yuizaki is a great female lead as far as I've read.

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Due to unforeseen events I had couple of days to read.

I have reread Ascendance of a Bookworm Part 5 Volumes 6-10 and this is still the best series. I think I like part 5 more than part 4.

small spoilers P5V10

Why do they have lightning now!?

They said it like it wasn't a big deal, and was mentioned in two sentences in two separate POVs.

They littelary have access to "Thunder Spell"

I didn't catch that when reading week by week.

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Peddler in Another World: I Can Go Back to My World Whenever I Want! Volume 7 - Thoroughly entertaining. It’s pleasant and comfy with no real parts sticking out to stub your toes on apart from it being still a bit heavy-handed on the emotional manipulation but I would argue that it’s fine as long as it works. - 7/10

The Mythical Hero's Otherworld Chronicles: Volume 1 + 2 - Truly remarkable. In a sense where it’s so unapologetic chuuni wish fulfilment that it commands respect. Not often does one stumble upon a story that takes all the tropes something like Megumin's Crimson Demons in Konosuba makes so much fun of and takes it completely seriously. Like, complete with a spirit-sealed eye patch that MC has to wear to contain the power in his left eye. I swear, I kid you not. MC wears Excalibur and every second noun is a German word. It boggles the mind how someone could go and actually write this in all earnest without dying of cringe. The author needs to hear that speech and not only hear it but actually internalize it. Add on top of that a whole host of beautiful girls in all shapes and forms who are disrobing at any possible opportunity for no reason at all and who are all mindlessly infatuated with MC, obviously. Plus some of the most comically trope-y villains you have ever seen. I really want to give it a negative score for sapping what little intellect I had to begin with, but as I said above, it is so unapologetic in its own form that it somehow became above criticism. It’s the wearing-a-meat-dress-to-the-VMAs of the lightnovel world. Or like a climate change protester getting run over by an impatient bus driver - kinda off-putting but I want to see more.

Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for my Retirement 4 - The usual fun. Just turn off your brain and enjoy the ride. The first one to logically question anything that's happening loses. That's the FUNA way. - 7/10

Tearmoon Empire: Volume 12 - I don't know where the author's sudden hate for girls stems from but I very much dislike it. In the last volume he does the thing and then spends half of this volume to retcon it only to put girls back into peril at the end in a cliffhanger. There is also a lot of mistreatment of kids with an entire bonus chapter dedicated to some sort of psychological torture porn. I'm not happy. And Tearmoon used to be a series that very much left me happy. And I don't even think it's a translation problem this time. Speaking of the translation, I think it's gotten better. It's not where it was before the translator switch but it isn't as bad as the first two volumes post-switch. Maybe the translator found their stride, the editor woke up, or I just got used to it. Maybe a bit of everything. - 6/10

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The first one to logically question anything that's happening loses.

Are you watching my life?

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Joking aside, that's probably how most of us feel in everyday life. I could tell stories about my coworkers IT problems that could fill entire episodes of IT Crowd.

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Some people just shouldn’t use computers.

I fix the same issue multiple times a day for some coworkers.

The error message tells you what the issue is, read it and do what it says!

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Sends them a link to StackOverflow

Good luck, and go fuck yourselves, users!

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Death March to another world rhapsody - Vol 19

This one is the same as the rest, travelling around the world and helping people with his daughters.

I still enjoy it a lot, a nice quiet easy read.

Secrets of the Silent Witch - Vol 01 to Vol 04

I decided to pick up the Silent witch. It was enjoyable, it’s not a masterpiece but if you switch off your brain and don’t think too hard it can be fun. But one of the reasons I keep reading - what’s up with Nero? Who is he really?

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Death March is one I always pick up immediately. To me, it's the exception to the rule in regard to tropes I generally dislike in the genre.

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