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Back to the Battlefield: The Veteran Heroes Return to the Fray! Volume 1 - terrible. MC has such low self-esteem that I wonder why he just doesn't kill himself and be done. The other characters read like the author picked a single trope for them and dialed it up to eleven. Dropped. Not worth giving a rating to.

Magic Stone Gourmet: Eating Magical Power Made Me the Strongest Volume 4 - A lot happening this volume. Maybe the pacing was a bit too fast, but it wasn't bad; I'm just nitpicking. I did like that the plot twist that was foreshadowed got a little more to it than what one could see coming for a while. It's like they hid that twist inside another. I'm not sure yet if this will turn out to be a big thing or just a minor detail in the next volumes, but the potential is there. I could do without the harem shenanigans though. - 7/10

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Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire ♀ Volume 9&10 - I enjoyed myself reading it. There was more of a highland plot and worldbuilding fleshed out. Some cool fights and for some reason shrunk-ray. I can't fanthom a reason why an author would include something like that. Perfect read when I was feeling under the weather. 7/10

The Water Magician: Arc 1 Volume 1 - The trek through the mountains was enjoyable. The Ice thing was mildly infuriating as my understanding of molecular thermodynamics was different but I would need to double check to judge the author. IDK if i will read the second volume. 6/10

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The Ice thing was mildly infuriating

The part where he consciously imagined each atom to stop vibrating individually was where it took me a lot of suspension of disbelief to continue.

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Reincarnated as the last of my kind - Vol 1 to Vol 2

It was good enough to hook me into reading the 2nd volume, but not enough to keep me reading. I might keep it as a series I pick up every so often when I don’t know what to read.

Making Magic - Vol 6

It’s much like the other volumes in which it is self contained and the problem is dealt with within the book. But it had a lot of call backs to previous characters which was nice. Still enjoying the series and will be picking up the next one.

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Reincarnated as the last of my kind

It was so unremarkable that I can't even remember what happened skimming through illustrations.

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A race of super beings gets wiped out and sends their last baby down the river in a wicker basket. It gets picked up and then raised by an adventurer running a roadside inn. Then comes a mythical beast along who flies the kid to some remote holy land where the kid is told it's their savior. That's where I dropped it.

The LN had so many unmitigated religious connotations it wasn't even funny anymore.

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Reincarnated as the last of my kind

Was that the one with the little Moses/Superman girl getting raised in a inn?

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Yeah, sent down the river by her parents in a basket.

Then ended up being raised at an inn.

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